The anger of Juventus fans exploded.

Juventus has recently been penalized. The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) announced on its official website on the 21st (Korean time) that the Federal Court of Appeals partially accepted the appeal of the prosecutor’s office, and Juventus will be punished with a 15-point reduction and suspension of 11 officials. it was officially announced that The point cut was immediately applied, and Juventus, which continued its upward trend and participated in the competition for the title, quickly fell to the mid-table. 스포츠토토

Accounting book manipulation was the reason. Turin’s city council accused Juventus of profiting from book manipulation, and an investigation by the Italian Securities Regulatory Commission found that Juventus’ budget was not being met. Many people who were executives of Juventus at the time were investigated by the prosecution, and recently, president Andrea Agnelli and vice president Pavel Nedved even resigned.

Juventus fans were outraged at the news. It was understandable that the fans were outraged. It was because Juventus showed no sign of reflection even when compared to the past. Juventus was at the center of the ‘Calcio Poli’, in which giant corporations and politicians were involved in the past, and bribing referees and players to even fix the match. At the time, Juventus was punished with relegation.

Fans expressed their outrage by canceling subscriptions. Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’ reported: “Thousands of Juventus fans have canceled their TV subscriptions outraged by the club’s 15 point cut. Many fans are canceling their subscriptions to ‘Sky Sports’ and ‘DAZN.’ If it does, it is likely that the broadcaster will suffer a loss of 136 million pounds (approximately 208.2 billion won) in sales.”

It is expected that this will come as financial damage not only to broadcasters but also to Italian Serie A. The media said, “Broadcasters earn an average of £275 (about 420,000 won) from a single subscriber. According to FIGC’s report for the 2020-21 season, 47% of broadcasters’ revenue comes from these subscriptions, so fans’ unsubscriptions are not good for Serie A. It will cause damage to the whole.”

Also, Juventus fans are known to have three times as many season tickets as Inter Milan. That means that there is a high level of interest and participation in soccer, and since many of these fans are canceling their subscriptions, the damage is expected to be significant.

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