Tottenham manager Antonio Conte (54) seems to be leaving the club with a firm grip on his part.

British media ’90MIN’ reported, “If Tottenham sack manager Conte before the end of this season (the original contract period), he may have to pay a penalty of 15 million pounds (about 24 billion won).” 

Conte, who took over at Tottenham in November 2021, is under contract with the club until this summer.

Only official announcements from the club have yet to be made, but it seems that Tottenham and manager Conte have already separated. 

However, the last hurdle ‘a penalty of tens of billions of won’ lies in front of Tottenham. It is a large sum that can deepen the club’s concerns. 

Conte has made no secret of his dissatisfaction with the club and some Tottenham players lately. 

He said in an interview after finishing the league game with Southampton, the bottom of the English Premier League (EPL), in a 3-3 draw on the 19th, “We were not a team. There were some selfish players. Also, I couldn’t get a glimpse of responsibility.” 안전놀이터

As of the 22nd, Tottenham ranked 4th in the EPL, but was eliminated early from the Carabao Cup (League Cup) and the English Football Association (FA) Cup. Also, in the UEFA Champions League, AC Milan (Italy) failed to reach the quarterfinals. 

In this situation, the atmosphere of Tottenham cooled down as they drew with Southampton, the league’s last place, which they had to catch.

“For 20 years, Tottenham has been run by the same owner,” Conte said. Even if the manager is changed, the situation is not likely to improve,” he criticized the Tottenham leadership in bitter words.

Recently, media outlets in England and Italy, the homeland of coach Conte, are reporting all at once that Tottenham have already discussed the dismissal of coach Conte and are leaving only the announcement. Tottenham’s remaining schedule is likely to be taken over by coach Mason.

Now, the eyes are on the size of Conte’s penalty. It sounds like ‘billion’. ’90MIN’ claims that about 24 billion won in Hanwha is the penalty for coach Conte, adding that this amount corresponds to his annual salary.

It is coach Conte, who is building his wealth through penalty (?). When he was fired from Chelsea in 2018, he received a whopping 26.2 million pounds (about 42 billion won) in penalties after a court battle.

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