The pride of Juventus, the best ‘famous house’ in Serie A, collapsed.

Juventus lost 1-5 in an away match in the 18th round of Serie A in the 2022-23 season against Napoli held at Stadio Diego Maradona on the 14th (Korean time). With this defeat, the competition for the championship was effectively over. 1st place Napoli ran away with 47 points, while Juventus stayed at 37 points.

Also, Juventus allowed 5 runs in Serie A for the first time in 30 years since 1993. This too was a great humiliation.

But Massimiliano Allegri, Juventus manager, wasn’t too shocked. “It’s still a long season,” he said after the game.

“We lacked energy. Napoli deserved to win. Juventus deserved defeat. Napoli proved to be the strongest team at the moment. Now we have to get back up and move forward again. Not discouraged, grow.” We have to move forward for the sake of the team. We must not forget that we won 8 games in a row. Also, it is better to lose 1-5 than 5 times 0-1.” 스포츠토토

Finally, he said: “The dream of winning the title has not died. It is true that a strong wind is blowing in Napoli’s sails. But there is no law saying that today’s football continues into tomorrow. Maybe in two months the tide will turn.” I predicted.

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