On the 21st, the second half of the professional baseball regular season kicks off. What is different from the opening of the first half on April 1st is that the starting points of the 10 teams have changed. With 10 clubs ranked at irregular intervals on the leaderboard, a battle between ‘reversal’ and ‘shooter’ takes place.

Then, in the case of a team that needs pursuit and recovery, how much can they raise their goal score?

Veteran professional baseball coaches often said, “It takes a month to catch up with a 3-game gap.” It is based on long experience. However, this view is not an absolute standard. For example, Doosan, which was in 6th place at the end of June this year, narrowed the gap with 2nd place SSG from 10 games to 4 games with 9 consecutive wins in just 12 days in July.토토사이트

This is a result that can only be accompanied by a very long winning streak, which does not happen routinely. However, even in the 2022 season, it can be seen that the interval between each team moves elastically in the second half alone.

In the case of last year, KT, who finished the first half in 4th place, showed a gap of 8 games with 2nd place Kiwoom, but at the end of the season, all game differences were erased. KT finished the season with an equal win rate, although it was behind Kiwoom in the opponent’s record and could not change the ranking.

There is no need to limit the target rankings to the team’s possible second half win rate. Even in the 2022 season, the final win rate of the main targets, 1st and 5th, changed considerably through the second half. For example, in the case of last year, the 5th place odds rate corresponding to the ‘wild card’, which is considered the last exit by several teams in the lower ranks, was 0.512 (42 wins, 1 tie, 40 losses, KIA) in the first half, but 0.490 (70 wins, 1) at the end of the second half. It was lowered to 73 draws and KIA).

The number one win rate also went down. Last year, SSG climbed to the top with a wire-to-wire win, but after finishing with a win rate of 0.687 in the first half, it dropped to 0.629 at the end of the second half.

Based on LG, the leader in the first half of this year, the 2nd place SSG is chasing at an interval of 2.5 games. 3rd place Doosan is 6.5 games away. In addition, the 4th place NC shows a gap of 9 games. While each team’s internal goals are likely to differ, past examples suggest that big changes are possible on these teams.

Hanwha, who struggled with 8 consecutive victories in June, climbed from the bottom to the 8th place. Senior Reporter Jeong Ji-yoon

Looking at the distance to 5th place, all the teams in the lower ranks can dream. 10th place Samsung is 8.5 games away from 5th place Lotte, so it seems difficult to recover, but it is not a physically impossible distance. In addition, 9th place Kiwoom shows only 3.5 game gap from 5th place, and the teams are tightly packed in the meantime. These teams seem to be aiming higher after seeing that 4th place NC is only 1 game ahead of 5th place Lotte.

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