“It’s over once you let go of your mind, so the mindset to finish is the most important thing.”

The glory of winning the men’s full course in the 21st Gyeonggi Marathon went to Jo Woo-won (45, Wolpyeong-dong, Daejeon), a marathon runner for 12 years.

Cho, who participated in the Gyeonggi Marathon for the second time and won first place with a good record of 2 hours 35 minutes 11 seconds, competed as an individual. He takes care of his body by running 15 km a day, 6 days a week.

He has consistently participated in various competitions besides the Gyeonggi Marathon, and in the case of the full course, he participates in about four times a year to check his skills.

Mr. Cho said, “There is no right answer for running. In the end, you have to run consistently to bear fruit,” he said. “The higher the course difficulty is, the more important it is to have the mindset to empty your mind and run,” he said of his own course strategy.

It was a course with many underpasses and many variables such as uphills, but he stepped on the finish line with the same mindset he had at the beginning. He explained, “If the uphill continues around the 40 km section, a crisis will come.

Mr. Cho said, “I didn’t give up while watching my wife waiting at the goal line and stepped on the finish line.” I want to enjoy excessive joy.”

“The charm of marathon is that you can develop perseverance and will to not give up even when it is difficult.”

Kim Eun-ah (48, Suwon Marathon Club), who won first place in the women’s full course at the 21st Gyeonggi Marathon Competition with a time of 3 hours 1 minute 02 seconds, expressed her feelings about winning.

In the women’s half course of the Gyeonggi Marathon, which was her first appearance last year, she took first place with a time of 1 hour 25 minutes 25 seconds.

Eunah Kim said, “I am happy to take first place in the full course following the half last year.” lost.

She started her first marathon in 2018 and this time she practiced running for an hour and a half five or six days a week to complete the full course. However, she suffered from a cold last summer, so she contemplated whether or not to run the full course on this day.

Mr. Kim said, “I thought that I would be able to complete the race, but I was determined to participate, and I was satisfied with the good result.” I thought it would be good, so I ran until the end.”

He added, “Marathon has the charm of strengthening concentration and developing tenacity and will to not give up even when it is difficult.

“It feels better to win first place in my second hometown, Suwon.”

Kim Hoe-mook (50, president of Suwon Sarang Marathon Club), who won the men’s half course at the 21st Gyeonggi Marathon Competition with a time of 1 hour 10 minutes 12 seconds, expressed her feelings.

Kim participated in the Gyeonggi Marathon every year. Last year, he was runner-up with a time of 1 hour 11 minutes 30 seconds, but this year he was the first to cross the finish line with confidence, cutting more than 1 minute.

Efforts to win this championship have been going on for a long time. Interested in running a marathon, which she started in 2007 for health reasons, Kim joined the Suwon Sarang Marathon Club in 2012 and started enjoying the marathon in earnest. Afterwards, he trained steadily for 11 years, running more than 10 km every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

He, who widened the gap with the second place by more than 2 minutes and 30 seconds in this competition, emphasized, “It was possible because of the club members who trusted and supported me.”

Mr. Kim said, “I will participate in the Provincial Sports Festival on the 13th of next month as a representative of Suwon City, and I am aiming to win.” I will continue to ‘enjoy’,” he said.

“I am happy that good results came out as planned and prepared.”

Kim Joo-yeon (46, Gwangmyeong-dong, Gwangmyeong-si), who won the women’s half course in the 21st Gyeonggi Marathon with a time of 1 hour 22 minutes 04 seconds, reached the finish line first after a solo run 11 minutes ahead of second place.

Ms. Kim said, “Because it was a hill course, I made her plan before the competition and tried to keep a fast pace. Based on her steady practice, she kept her pace, and she seems to have good results as planned,” she revealed.

The reason he fell in love with the marathon was simple. He lost weight well. In particular, he found it interesting that the faster he ran, the better he lost weight, so he entered the marathon in 2019. Currently, he is learning the marathon in earnest in ‘our marathon classroom’.

Mr. Kim explained, “I used to run 10km, but after meeting Kim Kwang-hee, who is famous in the marathon world, and learning about the charm of the half course, I started to enjoy running.”

Kim, who said that the more she runs, the more she wants to run better, said, “If there is a goal, it is to run better than now without injury.”

“I am proud to have won the 10km race with my best record in Korea’s representative marathon event.”

Nam Pyeong-soo (44, Gil-dong, Seoul), who took first place in the men’s 10km course of the 21st Gyeonggi Marathon with a record of 32 minutes and 43 seconds, celebrated his victory, saying that he had set the best record in his 10-year marathon journey. Nam’s explanation is that the three elements — the support of his family and colleagues, the cool weather, and his good physical condition — were perfectly matched.

Nam stopped running the marathon for 3 years due to personal reasons in 2007, but it was a marathon with the charm of going beyond his limits that finally got him up in his exhausting daily life. Following last year’s third place in the half course of the Gyeonggi Marathon, he won the men’s 10km course this year, showing off his skills as a marathoner.

Mr. Nam said, “I was able to receive good energy because I was able to run with many people who love the marathon. Based on this energy, I think I will be able to live vigorously in my daily life,” he said. “I want to convey this feeling so that my beloved family can feel the charm of the marathon together.”

“I am very happy that I took first place in the 10km course following the 5km course.”

Hwang Jeong-mi (46, Sa-dong, Ansan-si), who took first place with a good record of 38 minutes and 48 seconds in the women’s 10km race at the Gyeonggi Marathon, crossed the finish line and smiled brightly at her victory.

Hwang, who won the 5 km Gyeonggi Marathon in 2019, changed her sport after 4 years and took first place again. Ms. Hwang, who recently moved to Ansan after living in Suwon for a long time, said she was even more delighted that she had won first place in Suwon, ‘her heart’s hometown’. 온라인카지노

Hwang, who started jogging 8 years ago with the mindset of ‘let’s eat a healthy diet’, decided to become a marathoner in her second year of jogging after seeing acquaintances who had a healthy body around her run a marathon. . Since then, he has strengthened his skills through thorough diet management and speed training, and has expressed his determination to challenge the full course, the romance of marathoners.

Mr. Hwang said, “I started running for the purpose of dieting, but now the marathon is precious enough to look forward to the full course challenge.”

“I am so happy to think that my wife who is waiting at home will be happy to hear the news of winning first place.”

French national Adrien Stelly (36, Yongsan-gu, Seoul), who crossed the finish line first in the men’s 5km race with a time of 16 minutes and 57 seconds, exhaled a heavy breath and was happy. His form was a bit off due to a toe injury, but he fought back and won.

He continued, “You can adjust the pace for the 10km course and the half course, but the 5km course was very difficult because you had to run at a fast pace from start to finish. When he passed about 2.5km, he couldn’t keep his breath and was shaking, but he seemed to be able to get good results by running to the end with strong mental strength.”

He likes marathons because he believes that the risk of injury is lower than other sports. He travels every weekend and enjoys marathon competitions big and small in each region.

Mr. Staley said, “The scenery and weather I saw while running today were really good, but I got to first place and it remained as a happy memory.”

“I didn’t expect to win because the players’ skills were so outstanding, but I am so happy that I came in first place.”

Lee Joo-young (33, Jungang-dong, Seongnam-si), who crossed the finish line first in the women’s 5km race at the 21st Gyeonggi Marathon in 19 minutes and 10 seconds, couldn’t hide her joy even though she was breathing heavily.

Growing up watching her parents enjoy running marathons, Ms. Lee began running marathons in earnest when she became an adult. He, who liked sports, quickly fell in love with the marathon and has been participating in marathons every year.

She won the 5 km race marathon last year with a time of 20 minutes and 12 seconds, and she achieved her second consecutive victory by shortening the record by more than three minutes. Ms. Lee cited her husband’s maternal support as the secret to her victory. Thanks to her husband’s responsibility to take care of her 5-year-old and 2-year-old children, she was able to focus on practicing for the marathon. She smiles as she says she is happy to have her husband and children who support her passion for the marathon.

Ms. Lee said, “The marathon is a battle against oneself,” and she explained the appeal of the marathon, saying, “No matter how long it takes, if you have the experience of completing it at least once, it will be of great help in living your life.”

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