Gangwon FC joins Cafe Potato Field (agricultural company field).

Gangwon FC signed a business agreement with ‘Café Potato Field’ (hereinafter referred to as Potato Field), a leading food and beverage company in Gangwon-do. The potato field is a specialty of Chuncheon, famous for ‘potato bread’ made by mashing potatoes, a specialty of Gangwon-do. Every weekend, it is crowded with guests from all over the country, and through various collaborations, the excellence of Gangwon-do is widely known.

Through this business agreement, Potato Field plans to publicize the charm of potato bread not only to Gangwon FC fans but also to soccer fans across the country. Potato Field, which made a connection with Gangwon FC as a surprise pop-up store for the home game on the 9th, will meet soccer fans by installing a pop-up store in Songam Sports Town, Chuncheon, from the home game on the 16th to the home game on June 11th. Potato bread, the representative menu of the potato field, and the newly launched ‘Potato Gelato’ are on sale.

In particular, Gangwon FC and Potato Field plan to unveil ‘Orange Narshabet’, a special menu exclusively for Gangwon FC that can only be tasted at Chuncheon’s home stadium prior to the home game against Incheon on the 16th. Orange Narshabet is a sherbet product made by mixing orange and carrot. Fresh like an orange and healthy like a carrot, the orange Narshabet is expected to become an ‘intuitive food’ for Gangwon FC fans. 먹튀검증

The two companies plan to continue to release special menus that can only be tasted at Gangwon FC’s home stadium and carry out various promotions both online and offline.

Lee Mi-so, CEO of Batt Co., Ltd., an agricultural corporation, said, “I am very happy to have a place where two teams loved in Gangwon-do can meet. I hope that the potato field will convey the heart of cheering for Gangwon FC’s home game in a strong and enjoyable way, and I hope you enjoy watching the game with ‘Orange Narshabet’, which you can only meet at the home stadium.”

Gangwon FC CEO Kim Byung-ji said, “It is an honor to sign a business agreement with the potato field that developed the hit product potato bread representing Gangwon-do. I am happy to be able to provide fresh fun to home fans through Gangwon FC’s special menu,” he said.

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