“Ha-seong Kim is leading the Padres in WAR.”

The San Diego Padres are more likely to become sellers. MLB Network’s John Heyman revealed on the 28th (hereinafter Korean time) that the San Diego Padres are listening to trade offers for Blake Snell, Josh Hader and Juan Soto. Snell and Hader are on the 2023-2024 free agent market, and Soto is on the 2024-2025 free agent market.온라인카지노

Heyman put Soto’s tradeability at 10%. On the other hand, according to Bob Nightingale of USA Today, prospective free agents Snell and Hader will be traded until the 2nd of next month. With 49 wins and 54 losses, 4th place in the National League West and 7th place in the wild card race, the odds of San Diego going to the postseason are getting smaller and smaller. They were 6.5 games behind the Cincinnati Reds, third in the wild card. It’s not a time to give up, but it’s time to make a decision.

Javier Reyes, host of the San Diego podcast Rock’t On Padres, feels the same way. He told ABC10 that day, “It is wise for the Padres to sell Snell and Hader. There will be no room for them next year.” It was also analyzed that there are more things that can be taken when trading Snell.

Here, Kim Ha-sung’s trade was even mentioned. Kim Ha-seong, who signed a 4+1 year contract of 39 million dollars (about 50 billion won), will end the existing 4-year contract after the 2024 season. This season, Kim Ha-seong has been reborn as the second baseman who represents the national league in offense and defense. His defense is the top in the National League, and his offense is starting to be recognized as well.

In a word, the value of the situation has skyrocketed. From San Diego, it can be judged as the best time to trade. “Infielder Kim Ha-seong is San Diego’s leader in WAR, and of all players he thinks he gets the most back when he trades,” Reyes said. His contract is not expensive.”

In fact, Kim Ha-seong ranks first in the National League with a WAR of 5.0 based on the baseball reference. It ranks 8th with an offensive WAR of 3.4 and 1st with a defensive WAR of 2.0. He ranks fifth among second basemen in the National League with a fielding percentage of 0.989 and fourth among second basemen in the National League with a TZR of 6. The range factor per 9 innings is also 4.60, which is 4th among second basemen in the National League.

Reyes is also basically in the position that it is right for San Diego to enter the rebuilding by trading Snell and Hader first. And it is also reasonable to insist on a trade by emphasizing the value of Kim Ha-sung. That much, Ha-seong Kim is recognized for his ability. He is no longer a defensive infielder. A trade isn’t a bad thing if he can play as a starter for a winning club.

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