Tottenham Hotspur have no intention of sending Harry Kane to a team in England.

Kane transfer rumors are getting more and more ignited. Kane is a striker who will go down in the history of the English Premier League (EPL). He played 309 EPL games and scored 203 goals, which is third all-time after Alan Shearer (260 goals) and Wayne Rooney (208 goals). Exceeding Rooney is a fait accompli, and the focus is on whether or not Shearer’s record, which seemed to remain as an immortal record, will be surpassed. He is not only the best striker of all time in the EPL, but also the best striker in the history of Tottenham. 안전놀이터

Kane, a Tottenham sacred goal youth, could not find a place in the beginning of his career and went on loan, but gradually showed his ability and became a main player. He filled the front line of Tottenham with his amazing scoring ability. With Kane, Tottenham, unlike other teams, did not worry about being in the front line. In the 2020-21 season, even equipped with his linkage ability, he won the top scorer and assist king. Tottenham’s all-time top scorer also belongs to Kane.

The problem is the trophy. His personal record is perfect, and Kane has no trophies. He always stayed in the runner-up and watched other teams lift the trophy. The same goes for this season. It fell consecutively in the England FA Cup, England Football League Cup (EFL Cup), and the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL). The possibility of winning the EPL is only arithmetic.

There are many prospects that this summer will transfer. Several teams, including Manchester United, are seriously targeting him. If the contract period ends next year and Kane does not renew the contract, Tottenham cannot receive the transfer fee. So, there are constant rumors that he will leave Tottenham this summer.

Tottenham is unlikely to send Kane to an EPL team, including Manchester United. Even if they become enemies, they do not want to see them within the EPL. England’s ‘Tribal Football’ said on the 15th (Korean time), “Tottenham will not accept Kane’s offer from EPL teams. It’s clear he won’t allow it.”

He added, “It is a judgment that it is better to lose for free than to sell to EPL rivals. Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) may be Kane’s next destination.”

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