Kim Seo-hyun (19‧ Hanwha), who received a lot of criticism after being publicly criticized for writing bad words about coaches and fans on a private social network service (SNS), was released on the 6th (Korean time). He was completely excluded from team training. The club confirmed the authenticity, and Kim Seo-hyun admitted that this was true.

It was a closed account close to the private realm, but the contents were difficult to ignore. The Hanwha front desk and coaching staff immediately held a meeting to confirm Seohyun Kim’s punishment. He was excluded from training for three days, and fined 5 million won스포츠토토. Kim Seo-hyun had to leave the team lonely after receiving the team’s ‘go to accommodation’ order before properly participating in training on the 6th.

Kim Seo-hyun, who was unable to participate in the training on the 7th and 8th due to discipline, spent time in her room on the 9th rest day for self-reflection. Even on his 10 day break he was also only in the dorm. But he didn’t do anything. He decided to ask for forgiveness from the players. He mustered up the courage to knock on the seniors’ rooms.

Seohyun Kim went to each room one by one and bowed her head saying, “I’m sorry.” The coaching staff and seniors gave harsh criticism to Kim Seo-hyun, but at the same time were determined not to do such a thing again. And at the end, I sent him back with a pat on the shoulder and his warm advice. The seniors asked, “Reflection on this mistake and use it as an opportunity to become a better person.”

In particular, Jung Woo-ram warmly taught Kim Seo-hyun, saying, “Since we made a mistake once, we must change a lot, work harder, become more mature, and train harder. We exist because we have fans, and fans are really precious.” Kim Seo-hyun was able to reflect and reflect on her own mistakes while listening to the words of those seniors.

Kim Seo-hyun met with reporters on the 11th and said, “While I was excluded from training, I heard a lot of really good things from my seniors and coaches. I also heard some advice.” I did. I will really be careful not to let this happen again.”

Kim Seo-hyun went to the team meeting place before meeting with the reporters and publicly apologized once again. As everyone has already met and apologized, the attitude of the players has become a little more tolerant. Seohyun Kim shed tears and once again showed sincerity.

Hanwha coach Carlos Subero also presupposed that “everyone can make mistakes in life and commit mistakes,” but added, “There is a difference between wanting to learn from the mistakes or ignoring them and remaining as such people. We will protect you.” We need to see and help them grow. Now, that mistake is in the past. Let’s try ourselves and help others together so that we can become a better person.”

In this way, the team’s ‘forgiveness’ seems to have come to an end to some extent. Kim Seo-hyun also joined the training on the 11th and resumed normal training, starting with catch ball. But the ‘forgiveness’ of the most important fans is still not over. Even if he apologized, there will be many fans who won’t open their hearts because they made a mistake, and there will be fans who will continue to oppose it in the future. In the end, it is best for Seohyun Kim to become a more mature person as she promised and to constantly ask for forgiveness from her fans. Attention is focusing on whether that sincerity will reach the hearts of fans someday.

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