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Lee Hyun-joong, who was unable to enter the NBA due to an unexpected injury last year.

He declared his challenge again, saying that he became stronger through hard rehabilitation for over half a year.

This is reporter Kim Tae-woon.

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Lee Hyun-joong, who is in the midst of rehabilitation, is sweating.

He severely injured his left instep and ligaments while preparing for the NBA draft in June of last year, and had to undergo surgery for the first time in his basketball life to experience setbacks in his first year of NBA challenge.

[Lee Hyunjoong]
“I think the injury was so great that I felt ‘something was wrong’ as soon as I was injured, but I remember holding onto my feet and going to the hospital without thinking because it was so painful and painful. “

Lee Hyun-joong said that there was also a psychological shock immediately after his injury.

While struggling with rehabilitation for half a year, he gained nearly 10kg and became more confident in his physical struggle.

It was a time for me to become more mature mentally by controlling my mind through his reading and meditation. 스포츠토토

[Lee Hyeon-joong]
“I learned the most when I failed and it was an opportunity to find a lot of things to improve on, so when I fail and get frustrated, then I will rise again like a zombie and continue to challenge like that.”

He also raised his passion for basketball through the movie ‘Slam Dunk’, which has recently become a hot topic.

[Lee Hyunjoong]

“ The most memorable is, of course, Kang Baek-ho. He’s clumsy but devoted to the team, he seems immature but he looks like a great leader. Lee Hyun-joong, who said he learned to be confident from volleyball star Kim Yeon-kyung, who worked out…

Even with a skeptical gaze toward the NBA challenge, he gave a heavy blow.

[Lee Hyeon-joong]
<(Some) are actually more likely to doubt that ‘Koreans will be able to play in the NBA’?>
“Even if you say that, I don’t care at all. I feel like I’m saying that because I’m envious, so in a way, it’s really sad.”

Hyunjoong Lee plans to leave for the United States the day after tomorrow and pursue a contract with the lower league, the G League.

This is Kim Tae-woon from MBC News.

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