Song Gyo-chang’s first manager, Hoon Heo and Nak-hyun Kim, won a major victory over LG.

Sangmu won 96-71 against Changwon LG in the first round of the 2022 KBL D-League held at Icheon LG Champions Park on the 20th. Sangmu’s record in the first round of the D-League was 3 wins and 1 loss.

Heo Hoon (180cm, G) and Kim Nak-hyun (184cm, G) played a big role. Heo Hoon played 32 minutes and 46 seconds and scored the most points for both teams with 31 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists. Kim Nak-hyun also played for 30 minutes and changed the flow several times with 14 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 steals.

Also, Song Gyo-chang (198cm, F) recovered from a finger injury. He showed up for the first time wearing a business uniform.

The managing director raised the momentum first. After returning from injury, Song Kyo-chang scored the first goal of the game through active movement. Park Jeong-hyeon (203cm, C) also made a successful 3-point shot.

LG also counterattacked with Lee Seung-woo (193cm, F). Lee Seung-woo attempted an active attack with Song Gyo-chang in front. Kim Jong-ho (184cm, G) also tied the score with a single 3-point shot.

The players who broke the tense flow were Song Gyo-chang and Heo Hoon. Song Kyo-chang received an assist from Park Jung-hyun and scored a 3-point shot from the top. Heo Hoon, who had been steadily scoring goals, also scored a quick break, widening the score gap to 8 points (17-9).

The boss, who raised his momentum, continued to drive. Park Jung-hyun and Kim Nak-hyun scored from inside and outside. Sangmu even tied Heo Hoon’s last point to finish the first quarter with a huge lead of 26-12.

Both teams maintained a tight flow at the beginning of the second quarter. Heo Hoon and Lee Kwang-jin (194cm, F) exchanged points.

The managing director brought the flow that was tossing and turning first. The explosive power of Kim Nak-hyun and Park Joon-young (195cm, F) shone. The score gap began to widen again with consecutive scores.

LG didn’t even take it lightly. Starting with Lee Seung-hoon (181cm, G)’s 3-point shot, Lee Seung-woo and Kim Han-young (195cm, F) scored consecutively.

Sangmu, which had been shaken, was quickly reorganized. Kim Nak-hyun once again stood at the forefront. He recorded a series of goals and steals.

Sangmu once again succeeded in the last attack of the quarter. Lee Yong-woo (183cm, G) added free throws to end the first half with a 50-32, 18-point lead.

LG raised the energy level in the third quarter. With Lee Seung-woo at the head, he drove the managing director.

But the manager was seasoned. He broke through LG’s defense and looked for an opportunity. Park Joon-young and Lee Yong-woo’s consecutive goals induced LG’s operation time.스포츠토토

Sangmu rather increased the pace after LG’s operation time. Heo Hoon exploded two 3-pointers, widening the score gap to 27 points (72-45). Sangmu ended the third quarter 75-50.

At the beginning of the 4th quarter, LG gained strength with In-Tae Park (200cm, C) attacking under the goal. Park In-tae scored 8 points, including 2 dunks, in 3 minutes and 23 seconds from the start of the 4th quarter.

However, Heo Hoon turned the tide again. Park Joon-hyung (194cm, F) and Park In-tae, who are more than 10 cm taller than him, successfully attacked.

Afterwards, Sangmu let Heo Hoon and Kim Nak-hyun rest. Lee Yong-woo – Lee Yoon-ki (189cm, G) – Kim Hoon (193cm, F) – Park Min-woo (197cm, F) – Park Joon-young launched the lineup. The game was finished cleanly.