Birch Smith (33), the new foreign pitcher of the Hanwha Eagles, is setting an example for the team with her thorough work ethic (attitude towards work) and self-management.

Smith, an American national, is a right-handed pitcher who uses a variety of pitches such as slider, curve, and changeup based카지노 on his 193 cm tall fastball with a maximum speed of 155 km/h.

He appeared in 102 major league games, and last year, he pitched in 20 games for the Seibu Lions of Japan Professional Baseball, recording 1 win, 4 holds, 1 save and an earned run average of 3.29. After that, in December, he signed a contract with Hanwha for up to 1 million dollars.

While playing for Seibu, there were concerns about his injury history, but Hanwha recruited Smith 11 years ago after a thorough check, including looking into the injured area.

Smith, who is currently building his body at the Hanwha Spring Camp in Arizona, USA, is slowly meeting the club’s expectations.

According to the club on the 12th, Smith is recognized by club officials for his work ethic, self-management, and harmony with his teammates.

On the 30th of last month, which was a rest day, Smith, who showed enthusiasm by conducting self-training such as catch ball, said, “It is good to rest, but it is also important to prepare for the season according to my routine.” “I am trying to adapt to the new environment. We plan to treat all of Joe to a meal,” he said.

“I will prepare for the season by talking a lot about the prepared plan with the coaches and studying the league,” he said. .

Lee Ji-poong, senior training coach, praised Smith, saying, “Basically, he is a player with good hardware. Watching him exercise, it seems that he has been steadily exercising to prevent injuries in line with the latest trends.”

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