Should it be the impermanence of time?

Ace, once revered as a ‘child of God’, has now been pushed out of people’s attention.

He went down to District 2, but there is not a single article about why he was notified of going to District 2. After the on-site coverage, you will be able to hear the news, but when you think of the media who made a fuss about him, following his every move, the treatment has changed so much.

Tanaka has been demoted to the 2nd division, but reports about him have yet to come out. Photo = Rakuten Golden Eagles website capture
This is the story of Masahiro Tanaka (35), a former Rakuten ace.

Tanaka was excluded from the first team entry on the 13th. But nobody knows why yet.

He is only mentioned by name along with several second-tier players. I don’t know if the sluggishness is the cause or the injury is the problem.

If you think about the days when Tanaka returned to Japan two years ago, it’s a world difference.

At the time, the Japanese media chased everything about Tanaka. Even the smallest details were reported. It was to the point that it was said that Knight Tanaka was on the level of becoming a public hazard.

However, as Tanaka’s grades drop, interest in him is waning. It is now very difficult to find his articles.

Even after the announcement of the second military line, there is still not a single line of explanation about the reason.

It may be because of the climate of the Japanese media that lags behind breaking news on the Internet, but if you think about the appearance of the Japanese media, which poured out articles as if competing with breaking news for even the smallest things, it makes you feel a very different reality even if it has changed.

It is still unknown why Tanaka went to District 2. However, it can be assumed that his grades did not follow him, which could be a problem.스포츠토토

Tanaka has appeared in 7 games this season and is recording 2 wins and 2 losses with an ERA of 3.48. It cannot be said that he was very bad, but it is a record that cannot be regarded as good considering that it is a league with severe pitching hitters.

In particular, on the 12th, the match against Seibu collapsed with 2 home runs and 5 hits and 4 runs.

This is a part where we can speculate that the reason for the second military run was from sluggishness.

Whatever the reason, it seems clear that the Japanese media’s interest in Tanaka has cooled.

Tanaka also cut his annual salary of 900 million yen to 475 million yen. It’s been a long time since I came down from the top spot. It can be interpreted that the Japanese media thoroughly report on the level of Tanaka’s current position.

Through Tanaka, I feel once again that pros have no choice but to speak thoroughly with their skills.

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