The enlistment date of Jeon Hyun-woo, who was confirmed with Corona 19, was postponed.

Daegu Korea Gas Corporation Jeon Hyeon-woo was confirmed for Corona 19 on the 12th. He was scheduled to enlist on the 15th, but his enlistment date was postponed to July 3 due to the 7-day quarantine imposed on confirmed patients.온라인카지노

An official from Gas Corporation said, “On the 12th, Corona 19 was confirmed. Inevitably, through consultation with the managing director, the enlistment date was postponed to July 3rd. It is a sad situation for everyone.”

The successful candidates for managing directors were Jeong Ho-young (DB), Lee Kwang-jin (LG), Park Jin-cheol, Jo Han-jin (Day One), Byun Jun-hyung, Han Seung-hee (KGC), Park Ji-won (KT), Woo Dong-hyun, and Jeon Hyun-woo (Gas Corporation), who were scheduled to enlist on the 15th. However, as Jeon Hyeon-woo was unable to join, only 8 enlisted.

Jeon Hyeon-woo will enlist on July 3 along with successful applicants for the additional recruitment of executive directors. One successful candidate for additional recruitment will be announced on June 1st.

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