Kim Byung-ji, the new CEO of Gangwon-do’s professional soccer team, Gangwon FC, held his first press conference after taking office in Chuncheon today (9th).

However, at this meeting, CEO Kim announced that he would consider moving the club’s secretariat from Chuncheon to Gangneung, and considerable repercussions are expected.

This is the report of reporter Jo Hyu-yeon.


The Gangwon FC Secretariat is in charge of the management of Gangwon FC, a professional soccer team for Gangwon Province residents.

About 20 employees work.

The office is located in Chuncheon.

By the way, the office is not on the soccer field, but on the side of the baseball field.

Following former CEO Lee Young-pyo, CEO Kim Byung-ji, who will lead Gangwon FC.

In his first press conference since taking office, he announced that he would consider relocating the club’s secretariat.

It is a plan to move the secretariat from Chuncheon to Gangneung.

Although he gave a clue that further review is still needed, he also mentioned that there had already been considerable discussions about the issue of relocating the secretariat when he was former CEO Lee Young-pyo.

[Soundbite] Kim Byeong-ji/CEO of Gangwon FC : “I heard that the plan has now progressed when Lee Young-pyo was CEO last season.

Right now, Chuncheon’s soccer lovers are against it.스포츠토토

Looking at the overall conditions, such as the capacity to mobilize spectators, the Secretariat argues that it is more reasonable to place it in Chuncheon.

[Choi Dae-sik/Chairman of Gangwon FC Fan Club: “(Average audience) Chuncheon has about 3,800 people, Gangneung has about 2,300 people. Chuncheon has a lot of 1,500 people. It would be nice.”]

Currently, conflicts are brewing between regions over where to build a soccer-only stadium.

This time, as the issue of relocating the club’s secretariat is being discussed through the mouth of the new head of Gangwon FC, there are concerns that the football world in Gangwon-do may be engulfed in controversy again.

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