-Black Combat, selects representative players to compete against DEEP in Japan and Korea-Japan in November last year -The video of the selection process will be released on Black Combat YouTube from the night of the 12th It has been confirmed that (29, Moai Jim) participated in the Black Combat Korea-Japan national team selection event.

Leaving behind the pain of dropping out of ‘ROAD TO UFC’, he made a comeback after 3 years.

The fact that Kim Min-woo participated in the Black Combat national team selection was confirmed in the trailer video for the ‘Martial arts national team selection to fight against Japan’ uploaded on the Black Combat YouTube channel on the 10th. The scene where Kim Min-woo had a blow fight with Double G FC featherweight champion Park Chan-soo was briefly released.

After debuting as a pro in 2011, Kim Min-woo, who has been active in bantamweight, raised his weight to featherweight in this selection. He appears to have made the decision after losing form to bantamweight at Road to UFC.

According to the trailer video, the fighters who will compete with Kim Min-woo for the featherweight national championship are Park Chan-soo and Shin Seung-min.

On the 4th of next month, Black Combat will play a 5-5 Korea-Japan match against DEEP, a mid-sized Japanese organization. Five representative women’s atomweight, bantamweight, featherweight, lightweight, and unrestricted weight divisions will be selected and matched with the deep representative athletes. The venue of the tournament has not yet been revealed.

Black Combat held a selection match at the end of November last year to determine the best members ahead of the pride showdown between groups. Rumor has it that famous players who have been active in various organizations such as Kim Min-woo participated. The selection video, in which the five representative players are covered, will be released on the Black Combat YouTube channel from the night of the 12th.

After a long hiatus, Kim Min-woo participated in the ‘Road to UFC’ last year, a quarterfinal tournament with a UFC contract. It was a great opportunity to advance to the UFC if he won. 스포츠토토

He got off to a good start. In June of last year, the opponent in the quarterfinals suddenly fell out due to an injury, and got a ticket to advance to the semifinals with a bye. However, unexpected bad luck struck ahead of the semi-finals in October. He was unable to lose weight to the bantamweight limit due to poor physical condition during weight loss the day before the match. He lost his chance to compete as he failed to pass the weigh-in.

As a result, he was eliminated from the ‘Road to UFC’ without running in a single fight.

Kim Min-woo is determined to use the Black Combat national team selection event as an opportunity for another leap forward. Attention is drawn to whether he will defeat his rivals and be selected as the national black combat featherweight representative to face Deep’s representative player Daisuke Nakamura.

On the 9th, Dip revealed the list of 5 representative players.

△ Women’s Atomweight Saori Oshima (10 wins, 1 draw, 3 losses, current champion) △ Bantamweight Seigo Yamamoto (4 wins, 1 draw, 10 losses, Korean name Kim Seong-oh) △ Featherweight Daisuke Nakamura (34 wins, 1 draw, 22 losses) △ Juri Ohara (Lightweight) 31 wins, 3 draws, 18 losses, current champion) △Unlimited level Yukinori Akazawa (3 wins, 5 losses) is coming to Korea.

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