It is predicted

that many English Premier League (EPL) clubs are aiming for Chris Smalling.

Smalling is one of the few players who lived through the days of Sir Alex Ferguson. Of course, he is not playing for Manchester United now, but in the winter of 2010, he was called by Sir Ferguson, the manager of Manchester United at the time, and the transfer to Manchester United was confirmed, and from that summer he wore a red uniform and played at Old Trafford. Lord Ferguson regarded Smalling as a long-term replacement for Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic. Smalling, who could play as a full-back, offered Manchester United several options.

However, Smalling’s performance was below expectations. It was evaluated that he fell far behind Ferdinand and Vidic, and even compared to Johnny Evans, who was recruited at the same time. Nevertheless, he played for a few more seasons at Manchester United, but after Harry Maguire joined the team, he also chose to loan out, fearing that he would be pushed out of the main competition. Smalling’s destination was AS Roma.

He was resurrected in Rome. Smalling played an active role as a key defender for Roma, participating in 29 league matches and 5 Europa League (UEL) matches in the 2019-20 season. Small Ring, who returned to Manchester United after his loan, wanted to return to Roma, and Roma also wanted Small Ring to be fully recruited. Roma was able to embrace Smalling after negotiations, and Smalling suffered an injury in his first season, but has since performed well and has been responsible for one axis of Roma’s defense so far.

Transfer rumors have recently been raised. Reporter Alex Crook of Britain’s ‘Talk Sports’ said: “It’s interesting. Smalling’s contract is just a few months away, so there’s a chance he’ll move in the summer. There’s talk that Smalling has asked Roma for a move, but I don’t know if this is the case. I heard that the story is not true. The player himself wants to stay in Roma, but if he becomes a free agent, there will be several EPL clubs who will be interested in Smalling.” 스포츠토토

Crook continued: “His career at Manchester United ended unhappily, but Smalling has rebuilt his reputation at Roma. Smalling is doing well and is a key player for Roma. If they can sign him as a free agent, a lot of clubs would love it.” “If Smalling becomes a free agent, a number of clubs will be interested in Smalling,” he said.

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