By establishing and pursuing a personal development plan, students develop self-awareness, communication skills, team work, management skills, results orientation, stress management, personal responsibility, coaching and feedback  skills. Students will be able to plan and develop career goals based on a clearer idea of preferred career options and an understanding of what they need to do to achieve these goals. Whatever a student’s future business career, there are certain basic professional skills and expertise that are required in the workplace. This module provides opportunities to acquire and apply essential skills for academic success, while also developing ‘soft skills’ that are a prerequisite for a successful career. Students will practice, and build confidence in wide ranging skills, as part of their transition into higher education.

Mathematics, Statistics & Business Analysis Bsc Hons

ARC provides business and legal support as well as representation to government and other bodies. Visit the ARC website for more coronavirus information or send your enquires to The British Exporters Association is an independent national trade  association representing the interests of the export community BEXA COVID-19 team are offering general business support, advice and intelligence. If you’ve studied fashion design or fashion textiles, you could become a design and technology teacher at a secondary school or college if you are willing to commit to further study to train as a teacher.

Law & Human Resource Management Ba Hons

There are various levels of postgraduate taught study and they’re usually undertaken between one year and three years, depending on whether you study full-time or part-time. Tony’s background is in creative design and body size and shape technology for the apparel  industry. He has led extensive projects with Debenhams, F&F, Marks and Spencer, Ministry of Defence and Next.

Manchester Fashion Institute

This postgraduate course enables you to develop the specialist skills and knowledge to start a marketing career within the events, hospitality and tourism sectors. You will work with real clients on marketing projects as well as having the option of a six-month placement. This future-focused module enables emerging fashion graduates to identify opportunities in current and evolving markets to support their future career ambitions.

Advanced Computer Science With Artificial Intelligence Msc

Students will master traditional and emerging technologies to extend and develop conceptual fashion products and/or ranges that challenge convention and advance fashion practice within the diverse Fashion landscape. The focus is on active and participative learning as the students develop a business proposal with support from academic mentors. Students adopt the role of company directors with specific remits within the group and work together towards the development of an appropriate Business Model, which informs the production and presentation of a cohesive Business Plan. As the team develop the business model, students have opportunity to put theory into practice and to utilise and reflect upon industry practices and the development of their professional skills in preparation for employment. This unit enables students to develop their working practices and professional processes applicable to the research, design, development and manufacture of fashion/sportswear garments using industry appropriate technologies. Students will extend their newly acquired expertise to develop fashion research into fashion/sportswear garments. 바카라

This units looks at the history of the digital landscape in relation to the data analytics, market segmentation, customer behaviour, campaigns, media influences, and ethics of digital media. Students can study the BSc Fashion Marketing course on a 3 years full-time basis or with an optional placement year between the second and third year which extends the duration to 4 years. This online prospectus provides an overview of our programmes of study and the University.

Our Learning Resources Centres are open 24/7, which means you can study whenever suits you best. You can take the free shuttle bus or walk there in just 15 minutes. “I’m absolutely loving my time at college and being the course rep. I’ve had so much encouragement and support from my tutor’s. As well as this, as Lichfield College is a creative place to study, we also have our own Wedge Gallery that we open to the public to display your amazing work.

Gain advanced knowledge of today’s complex global financial environment on our Finance and Accounting postgraduate course. Study in our state-of-the-art Financial Trading Suite and engage with real-world business problems, with opportunities to apply for exemptions from professional exams upon graduation. ‘Top up’ your existing qualifications for a full BSc degree on our one-year Finance and Accounting course. Expand your understanding of financial systems and gain insight into other key business areas, with opportunities to work on live consultancy projects. Our Business and Finance college course provides a core foundation of business and financial management knowledge, earning you a widely-recognised BTEC National qualification for your future career or further study. Students develop their professional skills, behaviours and attitudes relating to their career.

Utilising business scenarios this module will develop students’ awareness of the legal environment within which business operates, as well as to certain substantive areas of law that apply to commercial operations. In 2015, global leaders committed to the 2030 Agenda of 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals putting sustainable development at the heart of the global development endeavour. These include the need for action on climate change and degraded natural resources and the distribution of power and resources that challenge poverty reduction efforts.

Build critical awareness and business acumen of the fashion marketplace. Students will develop a strong understanding of the dynamics of both the local and global fashion landscape. Retail channels and the strategies employed by leading firms to stay ahead of their competition will be explored. Students gain a clear understanding of product journey from concept to final destination, in relation to the marketing function. All students on a fashion design programme can expect to purchase art materials, sketchbooks, paper, calico, fabric and other materials in order to undertake and complete assignments. This unit requires rigorous design research and development and the application of innovative manufacturing and finishing techniques through investigation, sampling and prototyping.

While she may not be in a creative role now, that broad understanding means she can confidently represent the creative teams and make strategic decisions. For years I have been drawing, painting and sculpting – prompting me to study Fine Art BA. And as a result, I have expanded my knowledge and learned more about fine art in greater depth about what I love. I love my routine at university, it gives me both the time to work on my projects thus attend and organise sessions and group works.

Our aim is to shape ‘confident learners’ by enabling you to develop the skills needed to excel in your studies here and as well as onto further studies or the employment market. Applicants should have an interest in the fashion industry and at least one Higher at Grade C or above or a relevant NQ/NC Award with at least 12 units. Applicants will attend an interview and undertake a written exercise to determine their suitability for the course. Relevant industry/life experience or other qualifications will also be considered. You can also use the FTA feedback form to share your experience or inquiries.

Responsible for investing in Olympic and Paralympic sport across the whole of the UK. CLA is the membership organisation for owners of land, property and business in rural England and Wales. Visit the CLA website for coronavirus related advice and information. You can also attend a series of free online webinars about coronavirus support from the ICAEW website. CBI speaks on behalf of businesses across every region, sector and size.

Please note, these option units are indicative of what options may be on offer in Year 3 of this programme but may be subject to change. This unit enables the development of a personal design philosophy, identifying areas of expertise within a specialism, advancing individual practice through design research and specialist material and construction technologies. This unit enables the exploration and evaluation of how existing and emerging technologies impact upon sustainable fashion/sportswear practices. Students will explore future facing fashion/sportswear solutions that utilise technology to provide innovative design, manufacturing and/or communication solutions and concepts that promote positive change.

It holistically considers the whole process from selecting roles, applications, CV development, interviews, assessment centres. Students are equipped with all the core skills for them to apply and enter the professional career within a marketing related function. The second year sees students develop their professional skills, behaviours and attitudes, whilst furthering their knowledge of customer behaviour. Core units will provide insight into product innovations, examining what is needed to develop a new product and bring it to market, and also digital marketing, particularly in relation to analytics, customer behaviour and market segmentation.

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