Tottenham Hotspur was in danger of missing Pedro Poro (24, Sporting CP), whom he thought he had in his hands.

Multiple British media reported on the 30th (Korean time) that “the prisoner’s transfer to Tottenham is in danger of being cancelled.” Just one day ago, Tottenham and Sporting concluded a transfer fee agreement of 40 million pounds (approximately 61 billion won), and it is known that only small parts such as medical tests were left, and the cancellation of the transfer is shocking. 카지노

Tottenham have been eager to recruit prisoners for the side play, which is the most important part of Antonio Conte’s tactics. Tottenham, who had been disappointed by the lack of attack power of the right wingback all season, planned to assign Poro an offensive role.

As if Sporting agreed with Tottenham’s active move, Poro even said goodbye to the fans after the cup finals last weekend. However, Sporting suddenly braked and claims Tottenham violated the terms of the deal. The exact details are not yet known.

Tottenham forward Jamie O’Hara expressed her anger at the sudden news through ‘Talk Sports’. He raised his voice at the news that the negotiations were deadlocked, saying, “If it really ends like this, Chairman Daniel Levy will have to leave Tottenham. If we fail this deal, the fans will go crazy.”

“Tottenham fans wanted a prisoner. It would be very bad for Levy,” Ohara said. was enraged.

That’s why O’Hara highly values ​​the prisoner. “Poros are fantastic players. They are a better resource than we have,” he said. It’s a great signing. You have to sign him to go in the right direction.”

It is known that Tottenham will also hold additional negotiations over the remaining two days to change Sporting’s mind.

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