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The KIA Tigers won a 5-2 come-from-behind victory against the Hanwha Eagles in Gwangju on the 27th. They swept 3 consecutive matches against Hanwha on the weekend and ran 4 consecutive victories. It clearly showed the superiority of power. It is a steep rise with 7 wins in the last 10 games.먹튀검증

In the beginning, he was taken by Hanwha starting pitcher Moon Dong-ju (20). In the 1st to 3rd innings, 9 batters withdrew with consecutive hits. Moon Dong-ju caught 9 out counts with 30 pitches.

However, the KIA lineup was strong. In the bottom of the fourth inning, trailing 0-2, the score was tied at once. With the bases loaded with two outs, Kim Seon-bin hit a timely hit with two RBIs. The atmosphere was changed by attacking the first ball slider thrown by Moon Dong-ju.

In the bottom of the 6th inning, where the score was 2-2, the flow was completely brought about.

Leading batter Kim Do-young opened the door with a right-handed hit. Against his classmate and rival Dong-ju Moon, he got his first hit after two games and six at-bats. Then, No. 3 Na Seong-beom hit a right-handed hit and got 1st and 2nd base safely. 4th solver Choi Hyeong-woo hit a double with 2 RBIs. The 4-2 turnaround was successful and Moon Dong-ju was pulled off the mound. KIA

added 1 point with a sacrifice hit in the subsequent scoring chance.

Moon Dong-ju scored 5 runs in 5 innings and suffered his 8th loss of the season.

Yoon Yeong-cheol, who is competing with Moon Dong-ju for the rookie of the year, gave up 2 runs (1 earned) in 4 innings and passed the mound. In the top of the first inning, Yoon Young-chul hit a one-run homer off Kim Tae-yeon. In the top of the 2nd inning, 4 balls and an infield defense error forced the bases to be loaded with 1 out, but it was passed with no runs.

Moon Dong-ju gave up 3 hits and 2 runs (1 earned) in 5⅓ innings against KIA in Gwangju on August 6th. In the first confrontation with Kim Do-young, he recorded 3 at-bats, 2 at-bats, no hits and 1 walk. In the second game, Kim Do-young scored 2 points with 1 hit, 1 walk, 2 at-bats in 3 at-bats against Dong-ju Moon. That means he won by decision.

Moon Dong-ju pitched a total of 114⅓ innings until today’s game. Now, there is one game left in the scheduled appearance.

Hanwha fell into a six-game losing streak.

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