Jeju United coach Nam Ki-il, who is re-challenging the season’s beast-girl victory in the Gangwon FC expedition, emphasized ‘faith’ within the team three times before kick-off.

Coach Nam said, ahead of the K-League 1 round 6 kick-off match against Gangwon at 7:00 p.m. We have a lot of injuries and are in short supply, but we hope that we will trust each other and play.”

In Jeju, the main airborne personnel such as Lee Chang-min, Jeong-woon, and Lim Chae-min are missing due to line injuries. The core of the strategy, the core of the three-back, and the players who support the waist are all injured, so they are in trouble. 스포츠토토

Director Nam placed Hayes, Yuri, and Kim Joo-gong at the forefront, and placed Lee Ju-yong, Koo Ja-cheol, Han Jong-moo, and Kim Seung-seop in the second line. Three hundred yen had Kim Bong-soo, Kim Joo-won, and Kim Oh-gyu. Kim Dong-jun guards the goal.

There are already a lot of injured people, but Ahn Hyun-beom also injured his ankle during shooting training ahead of the game. Although he was not seriously injured, he was excluded from the roster for the day due to swelling. Director Nam looked very disappointed and said, “It can’t be helped that we bump into each other and get hurt, but getting injured alone… “I think I need to do more individual management,” he said.

The hope factor is that striker Yuri scored the long-awaited league debut goal from a penalty kick in the home game against Ulsan Hyundai on the 2nd. Manager Nam said, “It seemed like we were playing a difficult game because the Gangwon-do striker didn’t score a goal. When the attackers score goals, the defenders gain strength,” he said. There are things we don’t get along with, but I want to relieve the burden on ourselves by trusting our colleagues.”

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