Reporter Han Nam-jik = Yoon Young-chul (18, Chungam High School) took a ‘vacation’ and attended the 2022 Baseball and Softball Night Awards Ceremony held at the Seoul Garden Hotel in Mapo-gu, Seoul.

When December began, Yoon Young-cheol unpacked at the Hampyeong KIA Challengers Field, the training ground for the professional baseball KIA Tigers.

At the point where the end of his amateur days and the beginning of his professional career cross, Yoon Young-cheol trains as a pre-pro player and rises to the stage as the best pitcher in high school.

Yoon Young-cheol was selected as an excellent high school player by the Korea Baseball Softball Association and received the trophy on the 19th.

In 15 games this year, Yoon Young-cheol pitched well with an average ERA of 1.66 with 13 wins and 2 losses.

The KIA, which has the second overall pick in the 2023 KBO Rookie Draft, nominated Yoon Young-cheol, the ‘high school left-handed ace’.

This winter, Yoon Young-cheol attended various award ceremonies such as Baseball and Softball Night and Choi Dong-won Award as the ‘high school’s best pitcher’.

On the 19th, when the last awards ceremony was held for Ambaseball this year, Yoon Young-chul, who became the main character, said, “It’s a real honor. I received a lot of good awards this year.”

He looked back on his high school days, saying, “I won the national competition in my sophomore year, but this year I lost in the final match of the Blue Dragon Flag, so I couldn’t lift the trophy. I am satisfied with his high school life as a whole, but this year is disappointing.”

After completing his schedule as a high school player, Yoon Young-chul prepares for his professional debut.

KIA, which designated Yoon Young-cheol as the ‘next-generation ace’, is protecting his shoulders.

Yoon Young-chul laughed, “I am training systematically at KIA. I do not play catch and focus on weight training.”

He also boasted about Hampyeong’s food in a group chat room with players he played with in the youth national team. 스포츠토토

In addition, recalling the memory of short training with Yang Hyeon-jong, the left-handed ace representing Korean baseball, he added, “The senior took care of me really well and gave me specific advice during training,” adding, “It was a big help.”

Recognized as the best pitcher in high school, and training well in the pros, Yoon Young-chul is not conceited.

Yoon Young-cheol said, “My goal is to establish myself in the 1st team. The rookie of the year can only be set as a goal when I establish a position to a certain extent.”

He’s cautious, but he’s motivated to become a better pitcher.

Yoon Young-cheol introduced his strength, saying, “I am confident in my control and breaking pitches. He is not swayed on the mound.”