The Doosan Dynasty continued its reign of peace, erasing the question mark that had hovered around it, “Can I do it this year?”

Doosan, led by coach Yoon Kyung-shin, won the 2022-2023 SK Handball Korea League men’s championship match (2 out of 3 matches) held at the SK Handball Stadium in Seoul on the 9th in the third match against Incheon City Corporation by a 27-26 one-point margin and won the championship cup. It is a combined championship for eight consecutive seasons following first place in the regular league. Coach Yoon said after the game, “I was in tears even before the start. Even in difficult situations, the players gave their best. I am proud,” he said.

Doosan is the ‘absolute top 1’ that has won the top 13 times over the past 14 seasons. The adjective ‘Woo Doo’ (Doosan won anyway) stuck, but in fact, it was not a matter of course. This season, Doosan had to fill the void left by the winning members with new players, transfer students, and former military players, and was criticized for weakening its power. The sense of crisis heightened when he failed to win the gold medal at the National Sports Festival last October.메이저놀이터

But the dynasty’s roots were strong. Veteran Chung Eui-kyung scored 91 points in the regular season and held the center, and Kim Yeon-bin praised her “career high” and led the attack with the most points (100 goals) in the team. Doosan goalkeepers Kim Dong-wook and Park Chan-young ranked first and second in ERA in the regular league, and Lee Han-sol, a left wing who showed full bloom this season, scored 21 goals in three championship games and was selected as the MVP.

At the end of this season, the handball league will switch from an unemployed league system to a professional one. The next goal of Doosan, which has finished the beginning and end of the industrial league era at the top, is to become the first professional league champion. Coach Yoon said, “When I was in charge, the player was very good. It is not an exaggeration to say that we won the championship no matter who coaches it,” he said.

On the other hand, in the women’s championship match that ended on the 7th, Samcheok City Hall swept 2 wins against Busan Facilities Corporation and achieved 2 consecutive victories. Samcheok City Hall’s ‘super rookie’ Kim Min-seo, who scored 16 goals in the championship match, won the rookie of the year and the best player, winning two gold medals. Kim Min-seo was also selected by MBP in August of last year, winning the first ever championship in Korea at the Youth World Handball Championship.

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