“Even if it takes a little time, I will definitely return to Dongsan High School, a famous baseball club.”

Incheon Dongsan High School, which staggered for a while after being caught on an unexpected stone in 2021, is pouring out hot sweat in order to become a famous baseball family, forgetting even the sharp wind in 2023.

Dongsan High School is both the history of Incheon baseball and the birthplace of stars. It is one of the 10 schools that have won championships in all four major high school baseball events hosted by media outlets, including the National High School Baseball Championship, and is the alma mater of active major leaguers Ryu Hyun-jin (Toronto) and Choi Ji-man (Pittsburgh).

Such a Dongsan high school faced a crisis in 2021. In the midst of reorganizing the coaching staff, even 15 players were scattered to other schools. Director Lee Yang-ki (42), an alumnus, was the one who took the helm of Dongsan Go-ho, which was drifting and lost its direction. Having been appointed in January 2022, he is training the players with the determination to restore Dongsan High School’s reputation.

Starting with the Uljin-Pohang Winter League, which starts on February 4, the Daegu-Cheongdo Winter League is held early at a baseball field near the area where spring camps are held.스포츠토토

Coach Lee Yang-ki said, “If last year was a year of reorganizing and sowing the team, this year will be a year of sowing nutrients and carefully managing the seeds so that the seeds can sprout.” It has become a property now,” he said, raising hope.

He said, “There are a lot of good players in the pitching staff of the third year this year, so no matter what team we meet, we will not be able to take it easy.” Coach Lee Yang-ki goes directly to the data of not only the opposing teams in the weekend league, but also the teams in the metropolitan area, and if that is not possible, he

always sends a coach. It is to set up customized tactics for the opposing team through force analysis. Here, a lot of training is emphasized Looking at the players who have grown through the tough process last year, I became convinced of the theory that hard work does not give up.

Coach Lee said, “I can see the players’ changing skills day by day, so I think it’s like a sponge. In that respect, he realizes once again that he should not teach roughly even one minute and one second.”

He continued, “The first goal is to re-instill the pride of the Dongsan High School baseball club in the current players, and the second goal is to make it a team that goes to at least the semifinals in any competition, so I want to make it a team that I want to avoid in the first match.” threw the aspiration In addition, he added, “The ultimate goal is to create a team that is loved by alumni and fans who have affection for Dongsan High School.”

Park Ji-seong (3rd year), captain of Dongsan High School, said, “I can’t say that we have an edge over our local rival Incheon High School this year in terms of power, but I don’t think power is everything. This year, I will prove this with my colleagues.”

To help coach Lee Yang-ki, former Doosan coach Kang Dong-woo, who ate a pot of rice during his Hanwha days, also willingly donated his talent.

Coach Kang Jeon said, “As you’ve heard, the amount of training is a lot.

Especially late at night, it was impressive to see him wearing gloves and holding a bat and exercising on his own, even though no one told him to,” and laughed , saying, “I came thinking of staying together for a couple of days, but I can’t leave right away.” Expectations are rising as to whether it will run at a certain speed

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