Former baseball team coach Kim Kyung-moon (65), who created the legend of winning the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, selected Choi Jeong (SSG Landers), Park Byung-ho (kt wiz), and Yang Eui-ji (Doosan Bears). It was selected as the ‘key point’ of the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC).

On the 18th (Korean time), coach Kim Kyung-moon met with reporters at the auxiliary stadium of High Corbett Field in Tucson, Arizona, the spring camp of his parent team, the NC Dinos, and left advice with affection while wishing the baseball team good luck.

Coach Kim said, “There are many excellent left-handed hitters in the baseball team. Opponent teams are likely to use left-handed pitchers, so right-handed hitters must perform well.” “he explained.

Many of the national team’s main lineup are left-handed hitters. In particular, the main outfield line is expected to consist of left-handed hitters such as Lee Jung-hoo (Kiwoom Heroes), Kim Hyun-soo (LG Twins), and Na Seong-beom (KIA Tigers)바카라.

In order for the batting line to have cohesion, right-handed hitters are desperately needed. If Choi Jeong, Park Byeong-ho, and Yang Eui-ji, who have long hitting power, are silent, they can have a tough match.

This is why coach Kim Gyeong-moon, who has extensive experience in international competitions, feels that the three players need to play an active role.

Coach Kim Kyung-moon expected the watershed of this tournament to be the first game against Australia.

Manager Kim predicted, “Australia, a team competing for the quarterfinals, is likely to use all ace pitchers against Korea rather than against Japan (which is likely to top the group),” and predicted, “key hitters should score points.”

Coach Kim Kyung-moon, who laid down the NC baton in 2018, worked as the baseball team coach from 2019 to 2021.

Coach Kim directed the 2020 Tokyo Olympics held in 2021, and last year served as a training coach in the minor leagues under the Los Angeles Dodgers of American professional baseball.

Director Kim Gyeong-moon, who lives in Los Angeles, recently visited Tucson by driving about 800 km after receiving an invitation from NC coach Kang In-kwon to attend the spring camp.

Coach Kim said, “I drove for about 7 hours,” and cheered, “I’m proud to see my juniors training after a long time. Coach Kang In-kwon is a calm and great leader, so he will be able to lead the NC well in the new season.”

Director Kim Kyung-moon also revealed the story of meeting Lee Jung-hoo, who was training personally in Los Angeles last month.

After finishing the 2023 season, Lee Jung-hoo, who is aiming to advance to the American professional baseball major league (MLB), went to the United States in December of last year and trained with personal coach Choi Won-je in Los Angeles.

Manager Kim Kyung-moon said, “Lee Jung-hoo changed his batting form to be concise to cope with the fast balls of American pitchers.”

“However, in order to effectively attack MLB pitchers’ fastballs, it takes time to adapt,” he said.On this day, wearing an NC jumper after a long time, coach Kim told the team, “Outsides evaluate NC’s power as weakening, but if we prepare hard, we will be able to achieve good results.” ” he begged.

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