Correspondent Kang Dong-hoon = A lot of attention is being paid to whether coach Didier Deschamps (54) will continue to take over the French command tower regardless of the two consecutive losses. This is because there is a high possibility that many changes will occur depending on whether or not you are reappointed. However, as expected, he refused to answer and indicated that he would focus only on the final.

France will play the 2022 FIFA World Cup final against Argentina at Lusail Stadium in Lusail, Qatar at 0:00 am (Korean time) on the 19th. If they win on this day, they will become the third team in history to win two World Cups in a row, following Italy (1934/1938) and Brazil (1958/1962). At the same time, he lifted the 3rd championship cup in his career.

Ahead of the crucial game, Deschamps held a pre-official press conference at the Main Media Center (MMC) in Doha, Qatar. At this meeting, when asked about the possibility of reappointment, he replied, “I didn’t think about that part.”

Originally, the French national soccer team was likely to change the head coach at the end of this year. This is because coach Deschamps, who signed a new contract in December 2019, is expected to take over the baton as manager Zinedine Zidane (50), who is living as a barbarian, while the contract expires on December 31.

However, as coach Deschamps broke everyone’s expectations and advanced to the World Cup final for the second consecutive time, the possibility of a second term opened up. In particular, before and after the opening, many of the key players suffered injuries and were concerned, but they reached the final stage with outstanding leadership.스포츠토토

In addition, when French President Emmanuel Macron (44) said, “Director Deschamps must continue to accompany him,” more weight was placed on extending the contract. Noel LeGraet (80), president of the French Football Association (FFF), also said, “It is fortunate to have a good manager and great coaches together. It is not easy to find a coach with such outstanding skills. It is my wish to extend the contract.” made sense

Coach Deschamps, however, expressed his firm stance that he would only focus on the final match right in front of him. He said, “Taking the French baton is a wonderful thing and the best choice in my entire coaching career,” but said, “I don’t think about what will happen after the final.”

Coach Deschamps took over as head coach of the French national football team in July 2012 and has been with him for more than 10 years, extending his contract twice so far. During this period, he commanded a total of 138 matches and boasted a high win rate with 90 wins (26 draws and 23 losses). At the same time he lifted the World Cup trophy once.