The University of Connecticut has risen to the top of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) men’s basketball division 1 tournament called ‘March Madness’. This is the first win in 9 years since 2014 and the 5th overall.

Connecticut University won the 2022-2023 NCAA Tournament final against San Diego State University held in Houston, Texas, USA on the 4th, winning 76-59 and lifting the championship trophy. Connecticut University, who finished the first half with a 12-point lead, 36-24, widened the gap further in the second half and won by 17 points. The University of Connecticut led the victory with a double-double performance by Tristin Newton, a senior in his senior year, recording 19 points and 10 rebounds. Newton, the guard, also delivered four assists. 온라인카지노

Connecticut University won all six games from the round of 64, the first game of this tournament, to the final by double-digit points. The victory with the smallest score difference was the semifinal match, where it beat Miami University by 13 points (72-59). In the quarterfinals, they defeated Gonzaga University by 28 points. It means that the University of Connecticut’s power in this competition was so strong. CBS Sports of the United States said, “The University of Connecticut is the fifth team in history to win all games by 10 points or more in the tournament since 1985, which was held in the round of 64.” Of the 350 men’s collegiate teams in NCAA Division 1, only 68 teams will step on the ‘March Madness’ stage.

The University of Connecticut, which increased the number of championships in its career to five times, became tied for fourth in this category. The school with the most wins was the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), which reached the top 11 times. The University of Kentucky follows with the eighth inning and the University of North Carolina with the sixth.

In this tournament, San Diego State University, which made a sensation by advancing to the quarterfinals for the first time since its opening and reaching the final, postponed its rise to the top. San Diego State University literally staged ‘March Madness’ by winning a come-from-behind victory by one point (72-71) with a buzzer beater in the semifinals against Florida Atlantic University.

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