The women’s curling team, Chuncheon City Hall, won a silver medal at the Winter Universiade.

Chuncheon City Hall women’s curling team, representing both the U-tournament as well as the national team, lost 6-4 to China in the finals of the tournament held at Saranac Lake Civic Center in New York, USA on the 22nd (Korean time).스포츠토토

The national team, which advanced to the semi-finals as the first place in the preliminaries and continued to win until the finals, seemed to be taking a step closer to its first championship ever, leading 4-1 against China until the 4th end.

However, in the 6th end, two points ahead of 4-2, two points were stolen and the game returned to the starting point, followed by a steal in the 7th and 8th ends, losing 6 to 4.

Friends of the same age, Kim Soo-jin (lead), Yang Tae-i (second), Kim Hye-rin (third), and Song Hyeon-go 1 year junior Ha Seung-yeon (skip) teamed up to reach the finals for the second year in a row following the 2019 competition, but unfortunately, they reached the top. Failed to stand.

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