MLBTR, a media specializing in major league trade trade, recently cited Choi Ji-man as one of them, saying that the Pittsburgh Pirates have entered a mode of ‘cleaning up’ veteran players.카지노사이트

Pittsburgh was in ‘buyer’ mode at the beginning of this season. This is because he vomited his spirit to take first place in the Central Division of the National League with 20 wins and 9 losses.

However, as time went by, it was sluggish, and as of the 21st (Korean time), it was tied for the lowest place and turned into a ‘seller’. It’s about preparing for next season.

MLBTR predicted, “If it doesn’t rebound sharply after the All-Star break, Pittsburgh will discuss trading veteran players to give young players playing time.”

As expected by MLBTR, Pittsburgh is giving prospects a lot more playing time after the All-Star break.

Choi Ji-man also became that ‘victim’. After the All-Star Lake, he seemed to regain his sense of hitting, hitting long hits such as home runs, but started the last two games from the bench.

Accordingly, the Bucks Dugout predicted on the 21st that Pittsburgh would retain Carlos Santana, but would trade Choi Ji-man to the Milwaukee Brewers. It is because Milwaukee first baseman Loudy Telles will be out for 3-4 weeks due to a finger injury. Also, designated hitter Jessie Winker pointed out that the batting average is 0.196, and the batting average is extremely sluggish.

The media explained that Choi Ji-man is doing well with a batting average of 0.261 after coming off the injured list on the 60th.

However, since Santana has made it clear that he wants to stay with Pittsburgh after this season, Pittsburgh is not expected to trade him as a switch hitter.

The media also concluded that 43-year-old pitcher Rich Hill would also be traded to the Boston Red Sox.

Choi Ji-man, who will become a free agent (FA) after this season, may benefit from being traded to another team such as Milwaukee and constantly gaining playing time there, rather than waiting on the bench for the rest of the season. This is because a team that shows off its true value in a competitive team can attract more attention in the free agent market than a team that has failed to advance to the fall baseball stage.

Fans are paying keen attention to whether Pittsburgh will trade Choi Ji-man.

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