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The two teams received the same missions of ‘reversing the atmosphere’ and ‘goal decision’. After the match, only one team can solve the mission.

Incheon United and Gwangju FC will play round 14 of ‘Hana One Q K League 1 2023’ at Incheon Soccer Stadium at 4:30 pm on the 20th. Incheon is currently 10th with 13 points and Gwangju is 9th with 14 points.

# Incheon trying to reverse the atmosphere through ‘tactical change’

The anger of Incheon fans has begun. After recording the first consecutive loss of the season, a slogan appeared in the 13th round against Jeonbuk, ‘If you don’t admit failure, it’s only a breakup’. Shin Jin-ho and Lee Myung-ju started to criticize the performance and coach as they struggled to earn points even though they had the best midfielders in the league.

In the end, director Cho Seong-hwan broke his stubbornness. The coach of Jeonbuk Jeon made a change called ‘Moon Ji-hwan’ to the existing midfield composition of Shin Jin-ho and Lee Myung-joo. The results were only half successful. Incheon failed to score, but recorded 7 effective shots against Jeonbuk. In the previous game, against Jeju, he could only record 3 effective shots, and showed his potential by showing better performance than the helpless defeat.

After the game, coach Seong-Hwan Cho said, “I admit my mistakes and failures. I couldn’t produce results, but I want to say that I will go back to the beginning and work harder for more performance and results.” .

Gwangju, where the ‘Incheon killer’ instinct must be activated

Gwangju also needs a change of atmosphere. At the beginning of the league, he showed the appearance of ‘Dak-Gong’ and led the promotion team blast with Daejeon. To make matters worse, striker Sandro drove a car without an international driver’s license and caused a collision, resulting in a disciplinary suspension and being unable to play since the 14th round against Incheon.메이저놀이터

Solving the bone drought is a priority. Gwangju’s league flow is not good, but the performance itself is not bad. Throughout the game, possession is not pushed even against strong teams. Even when Gwangju met champion Ulsan, they fought equally with a 50-50 share, and in the previous match against Daegu, they dominated the game with a 70% share.

But I can’t connect to the score. Gwangju recorded a total of 27 shots on target in the last 5 league games, but only 2 shots led to goals. The result of excessive aggression was the opponent’s counterattack. Gwangju failed to take advantage of many scoring opportunities against Daegu, and eventually suffered a 2-0 defeat due to Daegu’s counterattack. Changes are needed at the point where the anti-corruption law against Gwangju came out.

You have to remember the good memories. Gwangju has many record victories against Incheon. In the 3rd round of the Korea Football Association (FA) Cup last year, when Gwangju belonged to the 2nd division, they won a 6-1 victory over Incheon in the 1st division and advanced to the round of 16. Since then, Gwangju, which has been promoted this season, has won 5-0 against Incheon thanks to Asani’s hat-trick in the 4th round of the league. Gwangju has a memory of reversing the atmosphere by resolving the scoreless two games, which was a concern at the time, through the game against Incheon.

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