Daejeon Hana Citizen welcomes the 2023 season in the K-League 1 (Part 1). After 8 years of waiting, and after switching to a corporate club, it was the first time I was on the stage for the first division. Passing through the promotion playoffs (PO) was a valuable result, but the joy was only one day. I prepared hard throughout the winter to prove my true qualifications to compete in the K-League 1.
Still, the burden has eased a little. Looking back on the time spent in the K-League 2 (Part 2), where promotion was the top priority, I was under so much pressure that I thought it would be better to compete for survival in the K-League 1.

Daejeon Hana (50) coach Lee Min-seong,스포츠토토 whom we met in Geoje, Gyeongsangnam-do, where the second winter training was in full swing, said, “I fought really hard in the K-League 2. Even a draw was considered a failure. Only results were needed. K League 1 is very different. Is it a real challenge? We really have nothing to lose. I want you to fight with confidence.”

Contrary to expectations, Daejeon Hana did not make any major changes to the squad. Most of those who worked together for promotion, such as the full recruitment of veteran midfielder Ju Se-jong, were retained and only some were reinforced. It’s a different environment from K League 2, but I decided that it was rather easy to adapt to K League 1.

“I personally experienced the meaning of ‘together’. I couldn’t abandon the players who suffered together. I thought it was much more stable than bringing in from other teams. Director Lee, who said, “Dedication comes first,” cited ‘flow’ as the decisive difference between the first and second parts. He said, “K-League 2 runs for the full 90 minutes to live and die. K League 1 emphasizes tempo and rhythm. The atmosphere at the beginning of the season is important. Players who have experienced the stage of the first division are expected to perform. I don’t think the team’s competitiveness is far behind. I also went through a lot of trial and error, and since I prepared steadily during the preseason, I can spend a much better season.”

The part that coach Lee was particularly pleased with was the lively eyes of the players. Around this time last year, Daejeon Hana set up a camp with K-League 1 champions Ulsan Hyundai and Geoje. It’s the same professional team, but there was a big difference. Ulsan was autonomous and full of confidence. On the other hand, Daejeon Hana gave an impression of shrinking for some reason, perhaps because of the aftermath of repeated promotion failures.

Coach Lee said, “The first training in Thailand improved his condition well. In Geoje training, I felt a much stronger mentality. It is a look that does not tolerate small mistakes such as touching the ball or passing during training. has poison You just need to take one more step with high concentration. If you believe in yourself and run confidently, there is nothing you cannot do.”

The primary goal of Daejeon Hana is, of course, ‘survival’. Director Lee said, “Surviving is strong. If you don’t lose in the K-League 1, opportunities will continue to come. You have to be alive first, then there will be a second.” There are also specific plans. I don’t think it’s too risky if you post 1 win against every team. 11 wins is 33 points, and the boundary of survival is slightly higher than this.

Director Lee said, “If we don’t catch the opponent, we die. So far everyone has followed along well. we are a team If Daejeon Hana comes together as ‘one’, there will be nothing impossible.”

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