Cha Jun-hwan, who wrote a new history in Korean figure skating, plans to further upgrade his high-level quadruple jump, aiming for the Olympics in three years. The ‘total score of 300’, which is called the dream score, is not far off.

This is reporter Ha Seong-ryong.


Cha Jun-hwan’s 4th round jump at the World Championships was literally perfect. 안전놀이터

In particular, during the free skating, he received 4.16 points in the quadruple salchow and 3.53 points in the quadruple toe loop, and earned close to 8 points in both jumps, which was a great help in winning the silver medal.

[Cha Jun-hwan/National Figure Skating Representative: I practiced hard to develop a higher quality (four-round jump), and I’m glad that I was rewarded with a good score.] Cha Jun-hwan performed four-round jumps once in the short

, I wrote my personal best score by maximizing my perfection after only running 2 times in the free, a total of 3 times, but I plan to increase the number of times to compete with players who run 6-7 times in the 4th round, such as Nathan Chen and Shoma Uno.

By attaching 3 rotations to the existing 4 rotations and placing them as a connecting jump, and using the quadruple flip that is being polished, you can increase the 4 rotations to 5 or more.

[Cha Jun-hwan/National Figure Skating Representative: 4-3 rotation combination (consecutive) jumps and new 4 rotation jumps seem to be essential. I want to continue practicing.]

If Cha Jun-hwan, who received a total score of 296.03 and rose to 6th place in personal highs, upgrades his high-difficulty jumps, it is possible to break through the ‘dream 300 points’, which only four players in figure skating history have achieved, and in the long run, the first Olympic medal in history is possible. It is expected to become

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