“Extreme pain plagued me every day. Right now, I’m just thankful that I’ve come back to my place and met good people who are waiting for me.”

These are the feelings expressed by Captain Kim Yeong-mi (42, North Face Athlete Team), who returned to Korea after reaching the South Pole alone, without supplies, for the first time as a Korean.

In an interview after arriving at Incheon International Airport on the 25th, Captain Kim said, “From the start to the 51st day, it felt like the weight of the sleigh, which weighed more than 100 kg, did not decrease at all.” ran,” he said. 스포츠토토

Captain Kim departed from Hercules Inlet in the west of Antarctica on November 27 last year and traveled 1186.5 km alone for 51 days, pulling a sled weighing over 100 kg. So far, 17 women, including nine British women, have stepped on the South Pole. Among them, only 10 women reached the South Pole without receiving food or supplies. Captain Kim became the 11th woman in the world and the first Asian woman to reach the South Pole without supplies. “She never thought of giving up from the beginning,” she recalled.

She remembered the morning of the last day of her 51st day as Captain Kim. She said, “Her emotions were overcome by the thought that if she walked today, the remaining distance would be 0 km,” she said. she said. She said, “Feeling lonely in a place without color is Antarctica,” adding, “I gained strength while listening to the sound of machines, cars, and voices of acquaintances recorded in Korea.”

Captain Kim waved his hand about future goals. Captain Kim replied, “Because Antarctica is such a large and burdensome place, I couldn’t even think of my next goal from the time I started until now.”

His father Kim Hyeong-soon (76) and mother Park Chun-hwa (71) met him at the arrival hall. Mr. Kim said, “It is the heart of parents to not let them go anywhere next time.” Mr. Park said, “As her parents, I couldn’t sleep in a warm room because I thought her daughter was in a cold place,” and “I’m glad her hands and feet are not frozen and come back healthy.”

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