The Hifi basketball class tied for third place in the elementary school with the president of the Bucheon City Association.

Bucheon Hifi Basketball Class (Director Kim Dong-ju) tied for third place in the elementary school of the 2023 Bucheon City Association “Junior Challenge” youth basketball competition.

HIFI’s roster consisted of captain Seon Yoo-jun, vice-captain Kim Gyeong-hyuk, Lee Je-hoo, Shin Seong-jin, Kim Young-jun, Lee Si-won, and Cho Seung-hyun. It was a lineup consisting of two new players in the existing ‘5 Eagle Brothers’. 메이저놀이터

Highfie, who had been working with the new players for the first time, showed somewhat disappointing organizational skills at the beginning of the tournament. Nevertheless, in the first game of the preliminary round, they beat the Samsung Thunders 19-14. Then, they won 16-4 until the 2nd qualifying match against Basquium. 2nd place in the group advanced to the finals.

Highfi’s quarterfinal opponent is GNG. I tried to overcome the height inferiority, but lost in the rebound fight and lost 8-17.

Hifi coach Jeon Han-joo said, “With this tournament, I found a way for the HIFI players to move forward and grow. I am struggling in the fight. In the future, I will improve my speed and shooting skills to overcome my weakness in height. I will make a stronger team.”

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