‘Blue Blooded Ace’ Won Tae-in (Samsung) visited the Daegu Civil Baseball Stadium on the 20th. The 39th Association Long-Term Elementary and Middle Baseball Tournament One Baseball Club-To watch the game during the game. One Baseball Club, led by Won Tae-in’s father, coach Won Min-goo, is the first professional elite player training sports club in Daegu City, and was evaluated as weak when it was founded in April 2021. On that day, they defeated Gyeongunjung 8-6 and caused a stir by defeating an elite team for the first time as a club team in Daegu and North Gyeongsang Province.바카라사이트

Won Tae-in, who met with reporters ahead of the Daegu KT game on the 21st, said, “I couldn’t report my first win after the foundation, but my father said ‘it’s worth a try’ so I went to the baseball field to watch the game. Before the game, he said to the players, ‘If I get my first win today, I’ll have a dinner party’, but he really won. I saw a lot of hard work throughout the winter, and it felt good to report my first win at the Citizens Baseball Stadium, where I played as a child. More than anything, I was really proud to see his father happy,” he smiled brightly.

Won Tae-in continued, “It was really special to see the players working hard. In a way, my skills are less than the elite players and I have never experienced a win, but watching them beat an elite team made me think about how hard they must have worked.” I realized what I had been missing all along. I learned a lot thanks to the young players.”

He, who had dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player from a young age watching his father lead the team in a uniform, said, “It was a long time since I saw my father on the ground and he looked cool. But he thought it would be nice if he stopped being sent off. He was sent off as usual yesterday, but since it was an amateur game, he felt that the referee’s decision came and went. Maybe it’s because I’m on my father’s side, but there were unfavorable decisions, but he still couldn’t stand it. I found out why I have a strong desire to win. Now that I’m older, I wish I didn’t appeal strongly, but he said that’s not possible. I hope you will be less stressed while thinking about your health.”

During the interview, Won Tae-in watched the broadcast of the final match between One Baseball Club and Daegu Middle School through his smartphone. He said, “I’m losing 2-3, but I don’t know what will happen because I’m 1 point behind.” Would the wind of Won Tae-in work? OneBaseball Club defeated Daegu Middle School 6-3 and accomplished the splendid achievement of its first championship.

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