At the 2022 Qatar World Cup championship ceremony, Argentine soccer team goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez showed a low-quality ceremony and was controversial, and Martinez revealed the reason for the ceremony himself.

On the 20th (local time), Martinez appeared on Argentinian radio Lared and said, “I did such a ceremony because the French people booed [Argentina]” and said, “Arrogance doesn’t suit me.”

Previously, on the 19th, Martinez was criticized for being “arrogant” for performing a low-quality ceremony after winning the Golden Glove, which is given to the best goalkeeper. In the controversial video, Martinez seems to have calmly walked out after receiving the trophy, but he suddenly leaned back and held the trophy to his lower abdomen. At the obscene ceremony, the US Fox broadcasting team lamented, “Oh, no,” and the British BBC broadcasting team said, “No, don’t do that.” 안전놀이터

Foreign media also reported this news and criticized Martinez’s actions. Britain’s The Sun said, “This ceremony shocked soccer fans around the world.” Spain’s Marca reported that “Martínez’s actions would have made tournament officials uncomfortable.”

This isn’t the first time Martinez has been controversial for his taunting behavior against France in this match. He danced with his shoulders up and down after blocking Coman’s shot in the penalty shootout, and shook his body again when the third kicker, Aurelly Anchoa Meni, missed. When fourth kicker Colo Muani was preparing for a penalty kick, he approached him and smiled and talked to him, but was warned by the referee.

Meanwhile, Argentina drew 3-3 with France in the final and won 4-2 after a penalty shoot-out. With this, Argentina won its third trophy in 36 years since 1978 and 1986.