The Pittsburgh Pirates, who were considered weak in their last year, have changed. The club also put strength into leadership and started to solidify the flow.

The Pittsburgh club officially announced on the 23rd (Korean time) that they had agreed to an extension contract with manager Derek Shelton. The specific contract period and salary have not yet been disclosed.

Pittsburgh has been the lowest ranked team in the National League Central for the past four years. Previously, it was in the postseason from 2013 to 2015, but after that it fell into a dark period again. “Pirate Captain” Andrew McCutchen was traded out, and most of the players recruited through trade, such as Chris Archer, failed. 메이저놀이터

Director Shelton also struggled. He led the team from 2020, but until last year, the three-year record was only 142 wins and 242 losses (0.370 win rate).

This season is different. The initial momentum is hot. As of the 22nd, with 14 wins and 7 losses, it is in second place in the Central Division of the National League. Even if you look at the entire National League, it ranks 3rd in winning percentage. Since 1992, it has continued its best early season performance in 31 years. The recent record has reached 5 consecutive wins.

Pittsburgh is currently the team with the most Korean players. Bae Ji-hwan is still somewhat sluggish with a batting average of 0.228 and an on-base percentage of 0.302, but he is receiving many opportunities to play. Choi Ji-man was put on the injured list (IL), but in the minor leagues, Shim Jun-seok also joined this season.

Pittsburgh General Manager Ben Sherington said, “Coach Shelton has been working for the team for over three years. We are very happy to re-sign him as he is the best person for our team.”

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