LG Twins Lim Chan-gyu, who did not succumb to the crisis, perfectly performed the mission of being a ‘stopper for consecutive losses’.먹튀검증

On the 6th, LG won 7-4 in an away game against the Samsung Lions in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at Daegu Samsung Lions Park and escaped from two consecutive losses. With this victory, the gap with second place SSG Landers widened by 4.5 games.

Lim Chan-gyu, who took the mound as a starting pitcher that day, recorded 5 hits (1 home run), 3 walks, 7 strikeouts and 1 run in 5 innings, harvesting 8 wins of the season. Lim Chan-gyu, who took a break for four days after the match against Kiwoom Heroes in Jamsil on the 1st, played 5 innings and minimized runs.

Lim Chan-gyu continued the difficult game to the point of sending out runners in every inning except for the bottom of the 4th inning, but only allowed 1 run. In particular, he showed off his crisis management ability by striking out at the end of the 3rd inning with no bases loaded, and at the end of the 5th with 2 outs on 1st and 3rd base. LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop also praised Lim Chan-gyu’s pitching, saying, “In the beginning, Chan-gyu Lim had many crises, but he overcame the crisis well and played his role as a starting pitcher.”

Lim Chan-gyu, who became the winning pitcher for two consecutive games following the match against Kiwoom Heroes in Jamsil on the 1st, said, “It is so good that the team broke the losing streak. It’s a part where I always have to throw with a sense of responsibility because I’m taking a break from work, and there are days when the results are bad, but when I look at the year, I think the role of a starting pitcher is to consistently play a good role. It was a good day because it seemed to have turned out well,” he said.

Lim Chan-gyu, who looked back on the situation with no bases loaded at the end of the 3rd inning, which was the biggest hurdle, said, “I was at a lot of disadvantage as I was driven to the 3-ball, but (when Kang Min-ho hit the second baseman straight), second baseman (Shin) Min-jae played good defense and gained some strength. I think catcher (Park) Dong-won hyung’s lead was really good. I tried to throw it accurately, believing in it, but I think I got a lot of luck.”

In particular, whenever he struck out decisively at the bottom of the 4th and 5th innings, he showed a roaring ceremony with his fists clenched. After the end of the 5th inning, he even performed a dance-like ceremony while looking toward his outfield.

Regarding his ceremony, Lim Chan-gyu said, “I think strikeouts are just a gift of coincidence. It seems to be the expression itself,” he said. “Dancing (Oh) Ji-hwan told me that he would throw well today, so I said that if he did what he said, I would at least dance on the mound, but after it was over, Ji-hwan was looking at me. .So I danced, but it wasn’t an act to demean or provoke the opponent. The action was bigger than I thought, so I think I need a little bit of a restrained ceremony, “he smiled.

Lim Chan-gyu, who took the 3rd starting position with a steep rise at the beginning of the season, also had a crisis. Lim Chan-gyu slowed down with an average ERA of 4.45 in 5 games, 28⅓ innings, 1 win, 1 loss, and last month showed a rather sluggish trend with an average ERA of 6.75 in 2 games, 9⅓ innings, 1 loss.

Lim Chan-gyu said, “I only played two games against KT Wiz in July, but the term was too long and the content was not good, so I was able to think a bit more.” Looking back at the things I studied in the early days, I thought, ‘With what mindset did I go to the game and would I try to protect something again?’” he reflected.

Next, Lim Chan-gyu said, “There were good results because we actively competed at the beginning of the season, and the coach also emphasized that part. , It seems that throwing during the game resulted in a lot of strikeouts like this game. Even though the number of pitches was a bit high, if he had shown avoidance in the match with the batter, the result would not have come out like this.”

Now, if Lim Chan-gyu adds only 2 wins, he will achieve a double-digit multiplier in 3 years after 2020 (10 wins). He said, “Because I didn’t start the season with the word 10 wins in mind, I think I was lucky to win a lot without throwing as many innings as there are batting lines and good defense. I think it will go back to the way it was before, so I think it’s my role to throw hard where the team needs it, as I prepared at the beginning of the season.”

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