Drew Luchinski (35, Oakland Athletics), who was active as a special ace in the KBO League, is struggling every day after returning to his home country.

On the 21st (Korean time), the Oakland club put right-hander Luchinski on the 15-day disabled list due to gastritis. The period is retroactively applied from the last 18 days. Right-hander James Caprielian was called up to replace Luczynski. Caprielion is scheduled to start immediately on the 22nd.”

Last year, Luchinski played for the NC Dinos for $2 million, the highest ransom for a foreign player. He went 10-12 in 31 games, 193⅔ innings, struck out 194, and had an earned run average of 2.97, paving the way for his return to the major leagues. Ahead of this season, Oakland acquired Luczynski by offering a 1+1 year total of $8 million (approximately 10.6 billion won).

The US local media reported that Luchinski proved his durability by playing in NC for four seasons from 2019 to last year, playing more than 30 games and 170 innings each year, and with a career average ERA of 3.06, it was not difficult to make a soft landing in the big leagues. I foresaw.

However, contrary to expectations, Luchinski seldom proved the reason for his success in the KBO league in the big leagues. He appeared in 4 games and took only 4 losses, pitching 18 innings with an earned run average of 9.00. He did not have a single game where he went more than 6 innings. There was no aspect of him playing an active part as an inning eater during his NC days, and his WHIP (on-base allowed per inning) reached 2.28.

MLB Trade Rumors said, ‘Luczynski returned to the United States after a successful time in Korea, but looking back at the four games he pitched in Oakland, it was not a pleasant return. He posted an earned run average of 9.00, a strikeout rate of 6.3% and a walk rate of 14.7%. He allowed 5 home runs in 18 innings. He commented, “It’s disappointing for a player who started 121 games in Korea and recorded an earned run average of 3.05.”

To make matters worse, he was put on the injured list as his position in the team gradually decreased. It would have been disheartening for Luchinski, but rather, it can be seen that both Luchinski and Auckland bought time to ventilate.

MLB Trade Rumors said, “A 15-day disabled list seems like a pretty long stretch for gastritis, but Oakland and Luczynski will give them time to unravel the twists from the start. Luczynski said he’ll be back in the team around the beginning of June.토토사이트

If Luchinski collapses this season, it is difficult for him to guarantee the next season. He was guaranteed up to $3 million for one year this year, but the club option for one year and $5 million runs out next year. If Luczynski, who is in his late 30s, returns from the injured list and does not rebound, it is highly likely that this year will be his last year to challenge the big leagues.

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