Even though I was able to apply for a video review, I just passed it. Kiwoom Heroes’ chance to score was destroyed.

Kiwoom played against the Doosan Bears at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 18th. The game was tight from the beginning. Doosan scored 1 point against Kiwoom’Ace’ Woojin Ahn in the first inning, and Kiwoom shook Kim Dongju at the end of the first inning and succeeded in turning 2-1.카지노사이트

An ambiguous situation occurred during Kiwoom’s attack in the bottom of the second inning. After one out, Kim Hui-jip hit and went on base. Next hitter Kim Dong-heon also hit in 2b2s and hit a left-handed hit that passed the side of third baseman Heo Kyung-min. Kim Hui-jip, who was at first base, quickly went through second base and aimed for third base. Doosan left fielder José Rojas, who caught the ball, threw it toward Heo Kyung-min, who quickly entered third base cover. Kim Hui-jip’s feet were also fast, and they slid at almost the same timing.

The result is tagged out. However, since it was cross-timing, I was able to request a video review. It was still early in the game, so there were chances. However, after a short conversation between coach Park Jae-sang and Kim Hui-jip, the out was accepted without requesting a video review. On the bench, it was difficult to accurately grasp the situation. After that, Kiwoom continued with 2 companies and 1st base.

However, when I saw it on the slow screen of the broadcaster, I caught a scene where third baseman Heo Gyeong-min’s glove did not properly tag Kim Hui-jip’s uniform. Kim Hui-jip’s hand, which reached out and touched the base, also seemed to be slightly faster.

Unfortunately, however, there was no appeal from Kiwoom’s bench, so it was passed without reversal, and unfortunately, the next hitter Lee Jung-hoo’s hit broke out. If Kim Hwi-jip was safe, he would have had a chance to score, but the extra point was canceled as it was.

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