“Ahn Se-young has a special rhythm and special timing in his legs. it is very unique Because of those things, he will be a role model for a lot of players.”

Peter Gade (47)스포츠토토, a Danish badminton legend who rose to the top of the men’s singles world rankings in 1997. He praised Ahn Se-young (21, Samsung Life Insurance), who won the World Badminton Federation (BWF) Super Series women’s singles champion twice this year.

According to the recent BWF badminton.com news, Peter Gade said of Ahn Se-young through <Badminton Weekly>, “He has flair and star quality. When you see him step on the court, you know he was born for this. The way he moves, the focus in his eyes, the sparks in his eyes tell you he loves the game. He also likes to fight opponents.”

Gade also said, “Ahn Se-young is at a very high level tactically. He has skills I’ve never seen before when it comes to movement.”

Ahn Se-young won the Indian Open (Super 750 Series) on January 22 and the women’s singles at the Indonesia Masters (Super 500 Series) on the 29th. Earlier, on the 15th of the same month, she earned a silver medal in the women’s singles at the Malaysia Open (Super 1000 Series).

Through these three super series earlier this year, Ahn Se-young met world-class stars such as world number 1 Chen Yu-fei (China), current world number 1 Yamaguchi Akane (Japan), and 2016 Rio Olympics women’s singles gold medalist Carolina Marin (Spain), who were seemingly impregnable. knocked down in turn. With this rising trend, it is evaluated that it is not too far before he becomes the world’s No. 1 player.

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