Ahn Jung-hyun, who spent his debut season, is spending his off-season with KB for the first time since joining the pros.

Ahn Jung-hyun (181cm, F), who was selected as the 1st pick in the 2nd round at the 2022-2023 WKBL Freshman Selection, did not play much last season. He appeared in 8 games, averaging only 2 minutes per game.

Ahn Jung-hyun, who looked back on his debut season, said, “Last season, the team had too many injuries. His older sisters were injured and the team struggled. My heart ached too. At the same time, he felt that the most important thing was to keep the team free of injuries. I also don’t know what will happen, but I’m doing my best from now on to prevent injuries. This season, I hope everyone will stay injury-free.”

Afterwards, when Ahn Jung-hyun was asked about the difference between pro and high school, he said, “The difference in strength was great. I tried hard, but my strength was too lacking. (Laughter) At the same time, the difference in defensive strength was also great. The opponent is really tight. Now that I know what a professional stage is, I will prepare more for that part.”

The off-season greeted like that. Ahn Jung-hyun is doing his best to have more playing time. He also appeared as a starter in practice games and was responsible for the height of the team.토토사이트

In response, Ahn Jung-hyun said, “Actually, I haven’t been able to play for a long time. So he was nervous after a long absence from the game. And he struggled physically at first. Still, as he ran, his body came up and his sense of the game came alive. There are still many off-seasons left, but I want to improve my performance by running more.”

This off-season is Ahn Jung-hyun’s first off-season training. So, “I am learning a lot through the off-season. As I practiced, I felt that the basics were important. I’m not doing well to match the team’s defense. That’s why I’m working harder.”

Also, he said, “I had enough rest before going into training. It was really good. (Laughter) I went to the high school I graduated from and said hello. It felt strange,” he said of the vacation period.

Lastly, Ahn Jung-hyun said, “I want to supplement the defense more. In particular, I want to practice rotation defense more. This is the part that the director considers important. I think he’ll get more chances if he clears the part. (Laughter) The interview ended with determination, saying, “I want to receive more opportunities to show a better image next season.”

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