AGL, a global golf technology company, has started collaborating with NICE D&R, a business insight company based on research data, to commercialize golf course big data.

On the morning of the 10th, AGL and Nice D&R held an MOU signing ceremony for the commercialization of ‘golf course data analysis and consumer quality survey’ at the Nice D&R headquarters in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul스포츠토토. At the signing ceremony, AGL CEO Jim Hwang and Nice D&R CEO Park Jeong-woo decided to work together to create new value by converging customer-based golf service strategies with ICT.

With this opportunity, AGL’s golf course data analysis and Nice D&R’s golf course consumer quality survey are added, and the overall development of the golf industry is expected to be achieved through the use of golf big data. In particular, it is expected that it will be of great help to the growth of the golf course, such as securing users and increasing the repeat visit rate, as it becomes possible to provide customized golf services that are specialized for golfers’ tendencies and usage patterns.

AGL, which develops and operates TIGER GDS, a real-time connection platform for golf courses around the world, provides a real-time reservation confirmation service for overseas golf course tee times and collaborates with specialized organizations such as KT and BC Card to announce the ‘Golf Consumer Report (GCR)’ every year. there is.

The Golf Consumer Report is contributing to the overall golf industry at home and abroad by collecting, analyzing, and processing big data related to golfers, such as golfers using golf courses, consumption patterns of users, and mobile application usage patterns.

Meanwhile, Nice DNR is a knowledge company that provides IT services and research using advanced data, and has been carrying out projects using big data with various companies in various fields. By signing a business agreement with AGL this time, it plans to lead the development of the golf industry.

Regarding the signing of the MOU, an AGL official said, ‘By combining AGL’s ICT technology and expertise in the golf industry with Nice D&R’s research data, we plan to provide solutions for the advancement of golf course service quality and digital-based growth strategy.’

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