Bayern Munich captain Manuel Neuer has become more likely to face a fine after publicly criticizing the club.

The Spanish media AS reported on the 11th (Korean time) that “Nuer, who recently caused controversy in an interview, could face a heavy fine from Munich.”

After Bayern Munich recently sacked goalkeeping coach Tony Tapalovic, Neuer, a close friend of Tapalović, publicly challenged the club’s decision.

In an interview with German media Bild on the 3rd, Neuer said, “It felt like my heart was shattered. It was the most brutal experience of my career스포츠토토” I would have looked for a possibility to solve the problem through it.”

“After Tapalovic was fired, I thought about everything, including my future here. He even made a bombshell statement.

Meanwhile, Neuer’s public dissatisfaction with team captain and goalkeeping coach’s dismissal offended Munich’s leadership.

Oliver Kahn, CEO of Munich, said, “Neuer’s remarks are not desirable as a captain or for the value of the club,” and criticized, “The most important thing is the team goal.

Munich does not stop criticizing Neuer because he shook the solidarity within the club, but is considering disciplinary action against Neuer according to the club’s rules.

The media said, “The Neuer interview case has now been resolved, but Munich has not yet decided on the level of punishment.”

Neuer, who has been loved by fans by lifting numerous trophies while playing in Munich since 2011, is gradually losing support due to his unprofessional behavior recently.

Neuer, who was on vacation after the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, suffered a broken leg while skiing and was out for the season. This led to unplanned spending as Munich rushed to sign goalkeeper Jan Sommer.

To make matters worse, the club’s decision to sack the coach has been openly criticized, and the relationship with Munich has grown increasingly distant.

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