The order was jagged and the performance was poor. The power of the Japanese origin team, which boarded the last train in the KB League, was unexpected. From the opening game to the ace match, all they got was one point from the defeat. 스포츠토토After that, it was a losing streak.

7 points from the team directly above them. It is the lowest that stands out. Wonik, who faced Nippon Ki-won, who is on a five-game losing streak, is a team with the best record in the league in its first season. Before the match, the difference between the two teams reached 13 points.

At least, this round order from Japan was the best. It is made up of two national title holders and two winners this season.

Still, the first win was far away. Even so, it was a disappointing loss. Nippon Kiwon lost 1-3 to Wonik in the 8th week of the 2022-2023 KB Kookmin Bank Go League held as an online game on the evening of the 17th (Sudam League 4R 3G).

After consecutive losses to Lee Ji-hyeon (9p) and Lee Yeong-koo (9p), Yuichi Hirose (7p) won a round, but Sakai Yuki (4p) missed a win rate of over 99%. In the most eventful match this season, Han Sang-jo, 4th dan, deserved to throw several times, but eventually brought a come-from-behind victory.

The longest player in the 20-year history of the Go league came out. Han Sang-jo-Sakai made 396 moves, excluding Gongbae. This is a new record for the longest number of moves, surpassing the 389 moves of Lee Se-dol and Kim Jung-hyun in the 2016 season. It is the longest of the 5,800 editions that have been played so far.

Wonik took the lead with 6 wins (1 loss) and 17 points. Nippon Kiwon, which was preparing for the ace match, fell into a six-game losing streak.

On the evening of the 18th, Kiks and Cheong-Gwan-Jang Cheon-Nok will play 3 matches in the 3rd round of the interleague. The individual matches were Baek Hyeon-woo-Byeon Sang-il (0:1), Shin Jin-seo-Kwon Hyo-jin (1:0), Park Jin-sol-Lee Yeon (1:0), Kim Seung-jae-Hong Seong-ji (10:4, opponents in parentheses).

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