“I’m sorry, but it’s okay. We have to move steadily towards our goal of getting a regular tour seed.”

Bang Sin-sil (19, KB Financial Group), a former national rookie who is creating a new wind in domestic golf with her ‘super long hit’. On the phone call on the 15th, he laughed and said about the victory the day before, which he narrowly missed due to a last-minute consecutive bogey. “I am qualified for the next competition, so I will go to the course early tomorrow (16th) to prepare.”

Bang Sin-sil will also participate in the Doosan Match Play Championship (total prize money of 900 million won) to be held at Ladena GC in Chuncheon for five days from the 17th. Originally, they were not qualified, but thanks to a tie for 3rd place in the NH Investment & Securities Championship on the 14th, the prize money ranking (21st place) was raised, and only 64 players were eligible to participate in the match play. The broadcast room, which is not a full seed, has limited participation in the competition. On the KLPGA tour, you have to participate in more than 30% of the entire season to be listed on the prize money list, but Bang Shin-sil barely passed 30% by participating in the tournament last week.

Bang Sin-sil, who showed off a ‘show’ in last month’s KLPGA Championship (joint 4th place) with a long 320-yard driver shot and a simple 2-on on a 250-yard uphill terrain, also achieved a 300-yard long hit and a sophisticated long iron at the NH Investment & Securities competition. He once again competed for the championship with a shot and established himself as an unrivaled ‘rising star’.

He said that he remembered the reactions of the crowd, such as ‘It’s not a joke’, ‘Cool’, ‘Monster’, ‘Like a man’, ‘The sound is different’, and said, “Thank you for each one.”

Although he missed the victory due to a tee shot mistake on the 17th hole (par 5) and a second shot miss on the 18th hole (par 4), it attracted eyes and ears as much as the winner. Even though he had no choice but to make a birdie chance with an iron from a distance of 211 yards or to shrink after a tee shot mistake, he blew 294 yards with a provisional ball and split the fairway. Shin-sil Bang laughed, saying, “I was confident because it was a hole where I had protected the fairway with a driver for the previous two days.” Regarding the second shot that went over the green in the last hole, he said, “I was embarrassed because the 9-iron hit me so well than I thought.”

Since 2020, Bang Shin-sil has been struggling with thyroid problems. Even when he was still, he was breathing heavily and sweating like right after a 100m sprint. He’s much better now, but he’s still taking his meds. He says that sometimes his legs are wobbly due to the forced march of regular and second tours. Still, she says, “I feel grateful and energized to have people recognizing me when I go to the practice range or restaurant.”

The room that greets the gallery. Photo courtesy of KLPGA스포츠토토

Bang Shin-sil said, “After seeing Yuna unni and Thai player Natakrita Wongtawirap, I decided to increase the distance. In particular, I once played with Wongtawi Lap, and he hit 50m farther,” he said. Ina Yoon is a long-hit rookie who hit the domestic tour last year, and Wongta Wirap is a player who has been active on the US Women’s Professional Golf (LPGA) tour since this year.

During winter training in Thailand ahead of her season, Bang Shin-sil increased the distance by 30 yards. She explained, “As she regained her health, she regained 10 kg of weight she had lost before, and she worked hard for two and a half months.” She was obsessed with training by hitting the driver 10 times in a row with 100% power and using a tool to increase swing speed. As a result, he gained a swing speed of 109 miles per hour, comparable to that of male players. Bang Shin-sil, who said that her body swing correction with a focus on rotation has reached the completion stage, said, “I will take one step at a time towards the world number one, which I have been aiming for since I was a child.”

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