Colorado Rockies outfielder Chris Bryant (31) of the US Major League (MLB) was placed on the 10-day injured list (IL).카지노

Colorado announced today (26th) that it has moved Chris Bryant, who suffered a fractured left forefinger, to IL on the 10th.

Bryant was hit by a ball from Johnny Cueto (37) in a game against the Miami Marlins on the 22nd, which did not appear to be a fracture at the time, but a closer examination revealed it to be a fracture.

This is the second time since June 1st that Bryant has been registered with the IL this season. Bryant was sidelined until June 30 after being sidelined with a bruised left heel at the time.

Bryant played for the Chicago Cubs from 2015 through the first half of 2021. In the 2016 regular season, he won the National League (NL) MVP with 39 homers and 102 RBIs, and in the postseason, as a third baseman, batting average of 0.308 and 3 homers- 8 RBIs, breaking the ‘goat’s curse’ that lasted for over 100 years, World Series He even lifted the championship cup.

He was a great bat, reliable defense, tremendous star quality, and the Cubs’ greatest franchise star.

Colorado brought Bryant to a 7-year, $182 million (232.7 billion won) free agent (FA) contract in March of last year. Colorado, which left its existing stars, Nolan Arenado (32) and Trevor Story (30), pointed out Bryant as a new franchise star. Colorado even changed Bryant’s position to an outfielder instead of a third baseman to enhance his offense.

But Bryant has been disappointing after a big deal. Last season, he ended the season with only 42 games due to back pain and plantar fasciitis, and this year, he has only played 65 games.

Eventually, grades are on the decline. Last year, he didn’t come out much, but he played in the game and showed a good appearance with a batting average of 0.306 and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.851, but this year he has a batting average of 0.251 and an OPS of 0.717. Except for 2020, which was a shortened season, it is a ‘career low’.

Considering that Bryant is the highest paid recipient in Colorado, earning an average annual salary of $26 million, it is not an exaggeration to say that he is a ‘bouncer’.

“As unfortunate things have happened, it’s been difficult for Bryant to gain momentum,” said manager Bud Black of Colovaro. “But one day Bryant will play good baseball.”

During Bryant’s two years of not living up to expectations, Colorado has been in last place in the NL West since last year. The game difference with the 4th place Arizona Diamondbacks is 6 games, so the bottom place for the second year in a row seems likely.

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