Women’s rankings 2nd place Kim Chae-young 7p (27), 3rd Kim Eun-ji 5p (16), 4th Oh Yu-jin 9p (25) 2023 Participated in the Chinese Women’s Gabjo League. This season, starting with the first leg (rounds 1 to 4) to be held in Guizhou, China, from May 14 to 18, it will be on the long road. 온라인카지노

Rounds 5 to 12 will be played in a home-and-away format, and the season will end with rounds 13 to 18. There is no postseason. The number of participating teams is 10, the same as the previous competition.

Launched in 2013, this is the 10th season of the Chinese Women’s League. Last year, it was not held due to Corona 19 circumstances. 10 teams compete for the ranking in the double league, and each match is a team match of 3 players, and 2 points are awarded for a win.

Kim Chae-young, 7th Dan, is in her fourth season. His career record is 16 wins and 11 losses, with a win rate of 59.3%. This is the fourth season Oh Yu-jin, 7th Dan, has also participated in, and has posted a win rate of 84.6% with 22 wins and 4 losses. Eunji Kim, 5th dan, celebrates her debut season.

1st place in the women’s ranking, Choi Jeong 9th, is not participating in the Women’s Gabjo League. In addition, Japan’s Sumire Nakamura, 3rd dan, made her debut in the Women’s Gapjo League, and Taiwan’s Heijia, 7th dan, participated consecutively.

Meanwhile, last season, three Korean players were active. According to the regulations that allow mercenaries to have a maximum of 9 games, Oh Yu-jin, 9th dan, won the match by playing 8 games. Cho Seung-ah, 6th Dan, had 6 wins and 3 losses, and Kim Hye-min, 9th Dan, had 3 wins and 6 losses.

The combined record of these three players is 17 wins and 9 losses, with a win rate of 65.4%. Compared to the 2020 season, when four players participated and won 20 wins and 16 losses (55.6% win rate), the win rate increased by about 10 percentage points.

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