For Hanwha Geopo third baseman Noh Si-hwan (23), the ups and downs have disappeared. Any giant hitter will have ups and downs, but until one month after the start of the season, Noh Si-hwan did not have a mini-slump. 

After the opening, Noh Si-hwan started all 28 games of the team and produced hits in 22 games. He started with a hit in 8 consecutive games from the opening, and the only match against KIA in Gwangju on the 12th and 13th of last month was the only one without a hit in 2 consecutive games. He hits consistently well enough that he hardly ever takes a break. 

Overall season record batting average .424 slugging percentage .527 OPS .951 with 24 strikeouts . He ranks second in slugging percentage and OPS, third in hits, sixth in batting average, and seventh in home runs and on-base percentage. He is hitting with the highest purity, ranking first in OPS among domestic hitters, excluding foreign hitter Anthony Alford (KT, .981). 

Noh Si-hwan said, “(Physically) it’s time to get a little tired, but so far there has been no hardship at all. Starting this year, I think weight training is important, so I think the secret to staying strong physically is to do it consistently.” 

The existence of veteran slugger Chae Eun-seong, who joined Hanwha as a free agent this year, led to a change in Noh Si-hwan’s routine. From spring camp, Chae Eun-seong said, “Weight works well with a partner. Let’s do it with me” and paired up with Noh Si-hwan, and he continues to do weight together even after the season opens. 

Noh Si-hwan said, “I do weights with Chae Eun-seong once every two days. He is learning by following the routine that his seniors have done. In the summer, I think there will be a change in the way I do it once every three days,” he explained. 메이저놀이터

Based on weekday night home games at 6:30 pm, Roh Si-hwan appears at Daejeon Hanwha Life Insurance Eagles Park between 12 and 1 pm. He is taking first place in the attendance stamp almost every day in the team. Prior to his official team training, he comes to the baseball field in advance to warm up with stretching and trains his stamina with weights. Noh Si-hwan is absorbing the routine that Chae Eun-seong has done since 2018 following Kim Hyun-soo in his LG days. 

With the change in routine, Noh Si-hwan, who has been reborn as a hitter without ups and downs, also shook off his home run stress. Roh Si-hwan, who only hit 6 home runs last year as his hitting point went backwards, raised expectations by becoming the home run king (5) in the exhibition game, but only hit 1 home run in the opening 19 games. He was also in a situation where it was difficult to aim for something big as the team’s batting line was greatly depressed. However, as the expectations for him were so high, there were concerns about the lack of a home run. 

But the worries didn’t last long. He has started to show off his big shot instincts with 3 home runs in his last 9 games. In particular, he exploded a multi-home run against Doosan in Jamsil on the 4th. Noh Si-hwan said, “As much as he went through trial and error last year (6 home runs), he is not conscious of home runs or stressed about the number. When he hits well, home runs come naturally, but two came out like that in Jamsil. It is important to maintain the current sense of hitting,” he emphasized.

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