The other line did not respond to the one-two punch’s good pitch, and the coach, dissatisfied with the referee’s decision, was sent off. In the meantime, the rival team LG ran 6 consecutive wins, and the ride with the first place took place up to 4.5 games. Dark clouds hung over SSG’s two-game winning streak.

SSG lost 0-1 in the 11th game of the season against KT in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at Suwon KT Wiz Park on the 2nd and fell into a two-game losing streak. Season 50 wins, 1 draw, 37 losses, 2nd place.토토사이트

Against KT ace William Cuevas, he could not score a single point until the 7th inning. It’s not like there weren’t any chances. 1st and 3rd 1st 2nd base, 4th inning 2nd 1st base, 5th inning 1st 1st base, 6th inning 2nd out 2nd base, 7th inning 2nd out 1st base, etc. Except for the 2nd inning, runners got on base every inning There was no follow-up hit enough to do so.

When asked how to attack Cuevas before the game, SSG coach Won-hyung Kim sighed and said, “It is a difficult question.” I will go with a strategy where Kim Gwang-hyun endures and sees the game in the second half.”

SSG actually had a golden chance in the 8th inning when Cuevas went down. Against the changed pitcher Park Young-hyun, Choi Joo-hwan hit left-handed, Guillermo Heredia recorded 4 intentional pitches, and Park Seong-han recorded a straight walk. However, Ha Jae-hoon struck out three pitches and withdrew, and the inning ended. Ha Jae-hoon swallowed regret by not being able to take advantage of the opportunity to 1 company, 2nd and 3rd base in the 7th inning in the game on the 1st.

In the ninth inning, the lead batter on base also failed to score a run. KT finisher Kim Jae-yoon met Choi Jun-woo with a right-handed hit and Kim Seong-hyun with a sacrifice bunt to create a chance to tie the score at 1 out and 2 base.

SSG, which increased momentum with a winning series against Hanwha at home last weekend, met KT’s powerful starting lineup and saw its pace rapidly deteriorate. After 0-8 on the 1st, he failed to score 18 consecutive innings by kneeling at 0-1 on the 2nd. On the first day, Koh Young-pyo’s 8 scoreless innings, and the next day, Cuevas’ 7 scoreless innings, was followed by a series of struggles, and he was humiliated by a lethargic loss for 2 consecutive games.

The silence in the other line is even more painful because the starting pitcher played a role in both games. Kirk McCarty, the starter on the 1st, gave up 2 runs in 7 innings, and Gwang-Hyun Kim, the starter on the 2nd, also had the bad luck of losing both in reverse pitching with 1 run in 7 innings. The loss of the two players is also a problem, but the part where the team gave up the game even after making the first and second starts, which the team boasts, was also a disappointing result.

In the game on the 2nd, along with Binta, coach Kim Won-hyung was sent off. In the bottom of the 8th inning, leader Kim Sang-soo’s check swing was judged to be north wing, and coach Kim ran out to the ground and protested unusually fiercely to first base umpire Moon Seung-hun, and was ejected for the first time in the season. Even after the exit order, coach Kim was enraged by asking the reason for the exit.

Amid the sluggish record of 6 wins and 10 losses in July and August, an emergency took place in the challenge for 2 consecutive wins. After giving LG the first place with a loss against LG in Incheon on June 27, SSG maintained a gap of 1.5 to 2.5 games from second place and has been pressuring the leader all along, but recently, LG has won 6 consecutive victories, and the ride with the first place is 4.5. the game took place Rather, it was chased by 4 games by 3rd place Doosan, who won 2 consecutive victories.

Fortunately, it fell into a slump due to the sluggishness of the other line, which has a cycle, not a mound. The batting cycle will rise at some point, and if the mound remains stable, the gap with the first place can be narrowed at any time. However, if this period is prolonged and the golden time of the chase is missed, the dream of going straight to the Korean Series is likely to be frustrated. It is the time when the hero of the turbulent world should appear, and it would be better if it was a typewriter.

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